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Tube Bits for 07/14/2009

  • Entertainment Earth has these really cool Battlestar Galactica figurines on sale. You can see Little Frakkin’ Colonials Starbuck over there on the right. There’s also a Little Frakkin’ Toasters Cylon Centurion available. Really cool! [via]
  • Of course, if you’re buying one (or both) of those figurines above, it’s a good bet you don’t believe the series finale of Galactica is the worst ending in the history of onscreen SF like Brad from Brad Ideas does. He certainly has thought a lot about it and makes some good points. I’m not sure it’s as bad as he thinks, but now he’s making think about how other series ended, badly or not. Hmm.
  • Discover Magazine takes a look at the science behind Virtuality‘s Orion drive. A very interesting read I must say. When do we start on the matter/anti-matter containment fields?
  • If you’re going to Comic Con 2009 and you’re a fan of TheWB, you can find a listing of events that network is scheduled to offer here. The Wonder Woman panel sounds interesting…
  • From the “It’s not SF but it’s still worth a watch” department: TNT’s Leverage returns for it’s second season this Wednesday night. Despite being totally unbelievable, it’s still a great fun to watch caper show, due in no small part to the terrific characters and interactions between them. Definitely a thumbs up from me, and from my Dad of all people.
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