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Tube Bits for 07/20/2009

  • Will David Tennant be Bilbo Baggins in the movie version of The Hobbit? That’s the rumor at any rate. An official announcement may happen during this year’s Comic Con. In related news, Hobbiton, last seen in The Lord of the Rings, is being rebuilt in advance of the start of filming of The Hobbit.
  • Airlock Alpha has seen the five-part Torchwood:Children of Earth series that kicks off on BBC America tonight and deems it ‘must see‘. So now it seems I need to catch up not only on the new Who series, but Torchwood as well.
  • What’s in store for the next Trek film? J.J. Abrams may be considering reappearances by Khan and William Shatner. To this I say you have an entirely new universe to work with. Try something different. Good grief, going all Khan for the second movie is too copy cat for my tastes.
  • Forces of Geek clues us in that Fox may very well be looking to re-cast the entire voice talent for the upcoming ‘new’ Futurama series. Obviously Fox is looking to go on the cheap and ruin yet another SF series. I think we can all agree when we tell Fox to “kiss our shiny, metal @$$”.
  • RiffTrax, one of the new ventures peopled by ex-MST3K staff, will be holding a live event in Nashville, Tennessee on August 20th (simulcast to theaters nationwide). The movie being riffed will be Plan 9 From Outer Space. Of course, this was just an excuse to show the best short ever in MST3K’s run, Mr. B Natural! Yay!
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