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Tube Bits for 07/24/2009

  • Here’s another use for Twitter: To ‘celebrate’ the July 28th release of season 1 of Dollhouse, Fox has created a ‘rich-media’ ad that allows people who roll-over it to tweet with star Eliza Dushku. I’m not sure where you’ll be able to find these ads, other than on websites that target males and science fiction fans.
  • Check out all the LOST items that will be up for auction after season 6 at Comic-Co ’09. I can only imagine how much interest this will generate amongst the LOST fans. I really like LOST but not enough to bid on anything. Except for maybe Jack’s hairy beard from ‘the future’.
  • If you are lucky enough to be at Comic-Con this year and you are a LOST-ie, you’ll probably be fighting to get into the LOST panel on Saturday. Lindeloff and Cuse tell TV Guide what you can expect from LOST at the con this year. Darn you San Diego, why must you be all the way in California?
  • It’s a LOSTapalooza! EW lists the top 15 must answer questions for the last season of LOST. For the most part I agree. Some I don’t: I don’t care about Libby’s backstory that much, Darleton have already stated that the numbers won’t get more of an explanation and those aren’t Egyptian statues on the island because they are precursors to Egypt (my theory). Basically anything of the deep mythology I want answered, everything else is secondary.
  • If you are at Comic-Con, TV Guide has this helpful schedule for the Con to help you plan your days accordingly. And if you drop by the Heroes booth, you just may walk away with a Nissan Cube. No joke. But a Cube? Are they saying the show is a three dimensional square?
  • If you’re a gamer, you either love Halo or hate it (Tim). Enough people love it that Microsoft is expanding the Halo universe to a new medium: anime. That’s right, Microsoft and five Japanese animation studios are collaborating on a Halo anime series set to appear on DVD in early 2010. The studios involved here include some heavyweights in the anime industry so I’m intrigued right there.
  • ThisRecording has a cool article covering the appeal of British science fiction on TV. It isn’t a broad article, but it does cover Dr. Who and Torchwood in some detail and they make some interesting observations.
  • If you’re not watching NBC’s web series CTRL and not just because Tony Hale and crew love them some SF Signal. Also because it’s a funny show with an interesting premise. Episode 4 was just released. See it below!
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  1. CTRL is great – even if it is masquerading as an ad for tea.  πŸ˜‰

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