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Tube Bits for 07/27/2009 (Comic Con Edition)

Holy cow, today’s tube bits is Comic Con and video heavy, so I’m going to do away with the usual ‘list’ post and group by subject.

I think I love Comic Con….

The Prisoner

AMC TVs remake of the BBC’s classic SF show The Prisoner not only had a panel at Comic Con, they also released a nine minute trailer. I’ll say this, the new version certainly looks better (bigger budget) than the original. Let’s hope it actually has a comprehensible ending…

Stargate Universe

At the Stargate Universe panel it was re-iterated that viewers will not need to have seen either SG-1 or Atlantis for SGU to make sense. Good thing too, as there’s no way I can watch all 15 seasons of those shows before SGU airs! In a bit of good news, Richard Dean Anderson and Amanda Tapping will make intermittent appearances on SGU (read the rest of the article, there’s a lot of stuff there). And, of course, they released a trailer!


What would Comic Con be with a LOST panel? We’ll find out next year. Which brings to mind this question: How much has LOST‘s success rubbed off onto Comic Con? Before LOST blew up there in the previous several years, how many people and TV networks even knew what it was? Now everybody’s there. Oh right, LOST panel videos:


Much like Claire the cheerleader, Heroes refuses to die. The panel at Comic Con brought us this teaser trailer for the new season.


Yes, the game Tim loves to hate made some waves at Comic Con with the announcement it will be getting an anime treatment, much like Batman: Gotham Knight. You can find out more here, and Xbox 360 owners can download a behind the scenes video if they so choose. I choose to watch the trailer.

Our Regularly Scheduled Tube Bits
  • Joss Whedon and crew screened the ‘lost’ Dollhouseepisode, “Epitaph One”, to a packed Comic Con panel. Afterward, a discussion broke out where Joss takes a shot at Heroes and answers more questions.
  • Wow, anime is certainly making in-roads into American entertainment culture. It seems that old Ironman himself will also be getting the anime treatment set to come out in 2010 with the release of Ironman 2. Trailer? Sure!
  • IO9 managed to squeeze a tantalizing bit of information out of Star Trek (the newer) writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. It seems that film 2 may lead directly into film 3, with a storyline spanning both films. Good stuff!
  • Finally (whew!), Allison Scagliotti (who will play a new ‘hacker’ character on Warehouse 13) shot the following video diary of a ‘day in the life’ on that show. It’s about what you’d expect, until the very last shot where we see that Allison is off to the coffee shop to read Atlas Shrugged. That’s not the kind of ‘light’ reading you’d expect someone to unwind with. Maybe she’s a SF fan?
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  1. It shouldn’t be called the Prisoner without a mind screw ending… πŸ˜‰

  2. Was at Comic-Con and at the Dollhouse showing. It was by far the best episode of the show and may be the thing that makes me get the DVD set. Dollhouse is going to veer quite hard into science fiction with the next season and yet this episode, which provides the impetus and settign for what is about to come will only be available on the DVD set. If it were shown on TV, it would have been  the best SF episode of any show on TV last season. It took my breath away in ways that Children of Men and the Fountain did. Whedon took the show to a place I never would have foreseen, and it is a very good SF place.

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