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Tube Bits For 07/29/2009

  • Over the past several years we’ve seen just how important Comic Con has become, certainly to the movie and TV industry. How important? Important enough that the people behind LOST spent 4 months and over $25k dollars to put together the 1-hour panel. That’s nuts, but goes to show the power the ‘geeks’ among us have as influencers.
  • A while ago, the cast of Battlestar Galactica was invited to the United Nations. According to Edward James Olmos, as a result of their visit, the U.N. changed their charter to no longer use the word ‘race’ as a synonym for ‘culture’. Did that really happen? So far, the U.N. isn’t talking. Maybe they’ve been taken over by robots.
  • We didn’t post much about Chuck from Comic Con, but something did happen. A new fan-oriented site was launched over the weekend for the show. You can find it at Chuck Me Out. You can find the Chuck panel on NBC.
  • Lost in all the hoopla from CC 2009 was Fringe. Their news didn’t seem to make a big splash, but with LOST going out in style, everything else would be in their shadow. Still, the Fringe panel did lay some interesting nuggets on us: it’s possible the cast will meet their ‘other’ selves (with goatees perhaps?) and that J.J. Abrams will write the season opening episode. I find Fringe works best when they get off the ‘monster of the week’ stories. I really want the war to heat up. We’ll see.
  • Wired says Warehouse 13 needs to focus on more science fiction instead of using it’s devices only as episode-length McGuffins. I hadn’t thought about it that deep as I like it for what it is, but more exploration into the SF behind the warehouse would be cool.
  • SyFy is also bringing back the Amanda Tapping starrer, Sanctuary. Here’s the trailer for season 2:
  • Looks like Lucy Lawless will be returning to her sword and sorcery roots in Starz’ new fantasy epic Spartacus: Blood and Sand, the nude scenes in which forced her to hit the gym. Yes, you read that right (you can wake up now Tim). I’ll let producer Stephen DeKnights word say all that needs to be said: the show will have “a death toll like nothing you’ve seen on television before.” 300 meets Rome and Gladiator only on the small screen. Watch the trailer below and tell me the SFX are up to the task:
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  1. “A man must accept his fate…or be destroyed by it.” Really?

    I suspect somebody has been using refrigerator word magnets to write dialogue again. Looks like another triumph of style over substance…Frank Miller fans will be thrilled. And Lucy Lawless fans will tune it, anyway. Psychohistorians of the future will point to their charts and note the interesting correlation between the premiere of this show and the collective loss of an I.Q. point among the national average.

    Other than that, no history being made here.




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