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Tube Bits of 07/06/2009

  • Doc Arzt has a fascinating article about how Hollywood seems to release movies and TV shows that explore similar themes in bunches. The focus on this article is how LOST, of course and Nick Cages film Knowing explore the theme of apocalypse. There is some speculation on the meaning of LOST and a fair size spoiler for Knowing (I think, I haven’t seen the movie yet, but it’s now on my Netflix list) but they seem to be covering the same ground, but in different manners.
  • Speaking of LOST, check out this really cool Dharma Initiation Kit which is the deluxe edition of Season 5.
  • Yes! It’s a LOST trifecta! Doc Arzt has posted a Q&A Cuse, Lineloff and Bender about Season 6. No story spoilers, but a lot of interesting info that LOST-ies will be interested in.
  • The Canadian TV series Defying Gravity has been picked up by ABC to be aired at a later date. Based on the BBC series Space Odyssey: Voyage to the Planets, Defying Gravity is billed as a “kind of interplanetary relationship drama” where the story “shifts back and forth in time, between the astronauts’ present location in space and their past relationships on earth.” Could be interesting. Any of our Canadian friends care to comment (assuming, of course, our comments are working again.)
  • Sci Fi’s Eureka returns July 10th. If you want a heads up on what to expect, Sci Fi Wire details what’s breaking in Eureka. And from seeing the preview trailer, it looks like the show will be filled with the kind of crazy humor I like:
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