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What Is Sargasso Planet?

Image000[1]I had to come home for lunch this afternoon and I found a package on the front door step. I’m expecting a couple of packages to show up and I thought this was one of them. Upon ripping open the box, I find the items you see on the right: a shirt, a hat and a button for something called Sargasso Planet. Sorry for the low quality pic, my big camera is out of batteries and I had to resort to my cell phone’s crappy camera. We get the very occasional swag here at SF Signal HQ, this time it happened to show up on my doorstep instead of John’s and now you all get to see it too.

Smell that? Smells like a viral marketing campaign.

Entering the website in the address bar takes you to a bizarre web site that feels like a cross between a ‘get rich quick’ site and something from a die-hard fan of a TV show.

Sargasso Planet was an entertainment franchise launched in the 1970’s. Or ’80’s. ’84? I barely remember it from reruns. Weren’t there Sargasso Planet comic books, cartoons, toys and games? Or did I dream that part all up? Either way, the franchise has clearly been dormant for years, but a loyal cadre of highly intelligent fans remember Sargasso Planet fondly and have formed websites and clubs devoted to perpetuating its memory.

The site is run by someone called Zack Adamski and it’s his attempt to remember a SF franchise that seems lost in time. I was curious as I had never heard of anything called “Sargasso Planet”, SF or otherwise (sargasso sea yes, planet, no). A quick search of the Goog resulted in this link to IO9, where I discovered this is a site that ties in with NBC’s upcoming post-apocalyptic SF series Day One. Adamski is a character on the show we’re left to wonder just how much of the stuff on the website will actually be part of the show. As we’ve noted before, Day One is not your typical ‘post-nuke’ TV show. Apparently there is some sort of alien ‘thing’ that causes the destruction. Watch:

I could be wrong, but I think I remember reading the creators saying this isn’t about an alien invasion, no matter how much it looks like one. If it isn’t about outer space aliens, then it feels like an attempt to do Cloverfield on the small screen. If it is about them spacey alien guys, then I get a War Against The Chtorr vibe from the trailer. In any event, Day One seems interesting enough to watch.

As far as the swag goes, the hat is rather cheaply made, being made of foam and some sort of mesh with the plastic sizing band. The button is okay, but it’s a button. The shirt is probably the nicest of the three, although being an XL, it’s a bit large for me. I think I just found a new work hat, a button for the wall in my cube and a Friday T-shirt. Sweet!

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  1. Just taking a guess, but with the title I’d guess they’re going for something analagous to the Sargasso Sea (with those giant spikes from the sky being the equivalent of the seaweed?). With that in mind, yeah, I could see where this wouldn’t be an alien invasion scenario, at least not of the intelligent variety.

    Thanks for letting me state the painfully obvious first πŸ™‚

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