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95 More Totally Free Stories by Top-Name Talent

The always-awesome website Free Speculative Fiction Online has posted another batch of goodies by top shelf talent.

Check this out:

  1. Poul Anderson: “The Valor of Cappen Varra” (Fantastic Universe, January 1957)
  2. Harry Bates & Desmond W. Hall (as Anthony Gilmore): “The Affair of the Brains” (Analog (Astounding), March 1932)
  3. Harry Bates & Desmond W. Hall (as Anthony Gilmore): “The Bluff of the Hawk” (Analog (Astounding), May 1932)
  4. Harry Bates & Desmond W. Hall (H. G. Winter): “Under Arctic Ice” (Analog (Astounding), January 1933)
  5. Stephen Baxter: Manifold: Time [PDF] (Voyager, 1999)
  6. Elizabeth Bear: “Snow Dragons ” (Subterranean, Summer 2009)
  7. Damien Broderick: “The Ruined Queen of Harvest World” (, August 2009)
  8. Arthur J. Burks: “Earth, the Marauder” and Part 2 and Part 3 (Analog (Astounding), July 1930)
  9. Hal Duncan: “Bizarre Cubiques” (Serendipidy #15, 2009)
  10. Stephen Eley: “Mouse Suits” (Jim Baen’s Universe Vol. 4 No. 2, August 2009)
  11. Philip José Farmer: “They Twinkled Like Jewels” (Fantastic Universe, January 1954)
  12. Raymond Z. Gallun: “The Eternal Wall” (Amazing, November 1942)
  13. Raymond Z. Gallun: The Planet Strappers (Pyramid, 1961)
  14. David Gerold: “Ganny Knits a Spaceship” (Jim Baen’s Universe Vol. 4 No. 2, August 2009)
  15. Edmond Hamilton: “The Second Satellite” (Analog” (Astounding), August 1930)

  1. Frank Herbert: “Old Rambling House” (Galaxy, April 1958)
  2. Alex Irvine: “Seventh Fall” (Subterranean, Summer 2009)
  3. Cyril M. Kornbluth: “The Altar at Midnight” (Galaxy, November 1952)
  4. Fritz Leiber: “The Moon is Green” (Galaxy, April 1952)
  5. Fritz Leiber: “What’s He Doing in There?” (Galaxy, December 1957)
  6. Edward M. Lerner: “No GUTS, No Glory” (Jim Baen’s Universe Vol. 4 No. 2, August 2009)
  7. Marissa Lingen: “Why I Live in the Silver Mine” (Jim Baen’s Universe Vol. 4 No. 2, August 2009)
  8. A. T. Locke: “Vandals of the Stars” (Analog” (Astounding), March 1930)
  9. S. P. Meek: “Cold Light” (Analog” (Astounding), March 1930)
  10. Walter M. Miller, Jr.: “Death of a Spaceman” (Amazing, March 1954)
  11. Walter M. Miller, Jr.: “The Hoofer” (Fantastic Universe, September 1955)
  12. Frederik Pohl: “The Hated” (Galaxy, January 1958)
  13. Mike Resnick: “Mother Scorpion’s House of Fallen Flowers” (Subterranean, Summer 2009)
  14. H. Thompson Rich: “The Flying City” (Analog” (Astounding), August 1930)
  15. Ross Rocklynne: “Sorry: Wrong Dimension” (Amazing, March 1954)
  16. Victor Rousseau: “The Lord of Space” (Analog” (Astounding), August 1930)
  17. Kristine Kathryn Rusch: “The Blitz Experience” (Jim Baen’s Universe Vol. 4 No. 2, August 2009)
  18. Robert Sheckley: “Forever” (Galaxy, February 1959)
  19. Robert Sheckley: “The Leech” (Galaxy, December 1952)
  20. Robert Sheckley: “Warm” (Galaxy, June 1953)
  21. Robert Sheckley: “Warrior Race” (Galaxy, November 1952)
  22. Robert Sheckley: “Watchbird” (Galaxy, February 1953)
  23. Cordwainer Smith: “The Game of Rat and Dragon” (Galaxy, October 1955)
  24. Will Smith & R. J. Robbins: “The Soul Master” (Analog” (Astounding), March 1930)
  25. R. F. Starzl: “The Planet of Dread” (Analog” (Astounding), August 1930)
  26. Lavie Tidhar: “Bishop Patteson’s Crocodiles” (Serendipidy #3, 2007)
  27. Catherynne M. Valente: “The Radiant Car Thy Sparrows Drew” (Clarkesworld, August 2009, also in audio)
  28. Catherynne M. Valente: “Urchins, While Swimming” (Serendipidy #1, 2007)
  29. Harl Vincent: “Neutral Vessel” (Analog” (Astounding), January 1940)
  30. Neil Williamson: “Amber Rain” (The Third Alternative #30, 2002)
  31. Sewell Peaslee Wright: “From the Ocean’s Depths” (Analog” (Astounding), March 1930)
  32. Jesse F. Bone: “The Issahar Artifacts” (Amazing, April 1960)
  33. Arthur J. Burks: “Lords of the Stratosphere” (Analog” (Astounding), March 1933)
  34. Arthur J. Burks: “Monsters of Moyen” (Analog” (Astounding), April 1930)
  35. Arthur J. Burks: “The Mind Master” (Analog” (Astounding), January 1932)
  36. Tom Curry: “The Soul Snatcher” (Analog” (Astounding), April 1930)
  37. David Drake: “The Butcher’s Bill” (Galaxy, November 1974)
  38. David Drake: “Under the Hammer” (Galaxy, October 1974)
  39. David D. Friedman: Harald (Baen, 2006)
  40. Harry Harrison: “The Velvet Glove” (Fantastic Universe, November 1956)
  41. Joe L. Hensley: “Now We are Three” (Fantastic Universe, August 1957)
  42. Kij Johnson: “Chenting, in the Land of the Dead” (Realms of Fantasy, November 1999)
  43. Kij Johnson: “Dia Chjermen’s Tale: The Delmoni Atrocity
  44. Kij Johnson: “Elfrithe’s Ghost” (Realms of Fantasy, August 2004)
  45. Kij Johnson: “Last Dance at Dante’s” (Tales of the Unanticipated, November 1993)
  46. Kij Johnson: “Myth Girls
  47. Kij Johnson: “Schrödinger’s Cathouse” (F & SF, March 1993)
  48. Kij Johnson: “The Empress Jingu Fishes” (Conqueror Fantastic Anthology, 2004)
  49. Kij Johnson: “The Horse Raiders” (Analog, May 2000)
  50. Kij Johnson: “The Snow Wife
  51. Kij Johnson: “Wife reincarnated as a Solitaire…[etc.]
  52. Thomas H. Knight: “The Man Who Was Dead” (Analog” (Astounding), April 1930)
  53. Murray Leinster: “Invasion” (Analog” (Astounding), March 1933)
  54. Frank Belknap Long: “The Man from Time” (Fantastic Universe, March 1954)
  55. Frank Belknap Long: “The Man the Martians Made” (Fantastic Universe, January 1954)
  56. S. P. Meek: “The Great Drought” (Analog” (Astounding), May 1932)
  57. S. P. Meek: “The Ray of Madness” (Analog” (Astounding), April 1930)
  58. S. P. Meek: “The Solar Magnet” (Analog” (Astounding), October 1931)
  59. Tracy S. Morris: “Fish Story” (Strip Mauled Anthology, 2009)
  60. William F. Nolan: “Small World” (Fantastic Universe, August 1957)
  61. Jody Lynn Nye: “Howl!” (Strip Mauled Anthology, 2009)
  62. Anthony Pelcher: “Vampires of Venus” (Analog” (Astounding), April 1930)
  63. Nathan Schachner: “Pirates of the Gorm” (Analog” (Astounding), May 1932)
  64. Robert Sheckley: “Beside Still Waters” (Amazing, October 1953)
  65. Robert Sheckley: “Cost of Living” (Galaxy, December 1952)
  66. Robert Sheckley: “The Hour of Battle” (Space Science Fiction, September 1953)
  67. Harl Vincent: “Creatures of Vibration” (Analog” (Astounding), January 1932)
  68. Harl Vincent: “High-Frequency War” (Analog” (Astounding), February 1940)
  69. Harl Vincent: “Microcosmic Buccaneers” (Amazing, November 1929)
  70. Harl Vincent: “Terrors Unseen” (Analog” (Astounding), March 1931)
  71. Harl Vincent: “The Copper-Clad World” (Analog” (Astounding), September 1931)
  72. Harl Vincent: “Too Many Boards” (Amazing, April 1931)
  73. Harl Vincent: “Vulcan’s Workshop” (Analog” (Astounding), June 1932)
  74. Harl Vincent: “Wanderer of Infinity” (Analog” (Astounding), March 1933)
  75. Tim Waggoner: “Blame It on the Moonlight” (Strip Mauled Anthology, 2009)
  76. Donald Wandrei: “Raiders of the Universes” (Analog” (Astounding), September 1932)
  77. David Weber: “A Certain Talent” (The Williamson Effect Anthology, 1996)
  78. K. D. Wentworth: “Special Needs” (Strip Mauled Anthology, 2009)
  79. Robert Moore Williams: “Be It Ever Thus” (Fantastic Universe, January 1954)
  80. Jack Williamson: “Salvage in Space” (Analog” (Astounding), March 1933)
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  1. There are some great books in this list ! Is there a complete database of free SF books that I could turn too?

    /: C

  2. Beside the link above, also try our Free Fiction Acrhive.

  3. Last year I came across a copy of The Planet Strappers and found it pretty enjoyable. If you’ve run out of Heinlein juveniles to reread, give it a try.

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