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ArmadilloCon 31

ArmadilloCon 31 is coming up this weekend in Austin, TX (August 14th – 16th). As always, they’ve got a great lineup of guests and programming. Should be a whole lotta fun.

This year’s special guests in include: Scott Lynch (Guest of Honor), Chris Roberson (Editor of Honor), Karen Meschke (Fan of Honor), Scott A. Cupp (Toastmaster), and Joan D. Vinge (Special Guest). But that’s not all! A cavalcade of other notable guests will be there.

I may be attending this one if life doesn’t otherwise intervene, especially since I could not attend the more local ApolloCon earlier this year. If I do go, watch SF Signal’s Twitter feed for up-to-the-minute insights and trivia (“John Picacio is resisting my attempts to get him to buy me a beer!”).

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