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Beware the Choom, Punk!

I fell in love with Punktown, Jeffrey Thomas’ bizarre-but-enticing world, when I first read his short story “In His Sights“. I was so smitten, as a matter of fact, that I bumped up his next Punktown novel (Deadstock) on my reading list. The sequel, Blue War, followed the year after. Punktown stayed with me long after those readings, as evidenced by me scanning the shelves at used bookstores whenever I visited for some of Thomas’ older, out-of-print Punktown titles.

This week, Jeffrey Thomas was kind enough to send along copies of his latest Punktown books: Health Agent and Voices From Punktown. One of the coolest things about the Punktown books is the weird, wonderful world and the characters that are drawn to it. Case in point: the Choom you see above, an awesome hand-drawn creation by the author himself. (Click it to see a bigger version.) This looks awesome. Thanks, Jeffrey!

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2 Comments on Beware the Choom, Punk!

  1. Just noticed this post…glad you liked my little sketch, John, and hope you like the two new books!


    – Jeffrey

  2. No problem, Jeffrey.  I see, too, that you’ve also posted more artwork. Bizarre…but cool! šŸ™‚

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