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Free Fiction and Stuff for 8/3/09

Free Fiction and Stuff [courtesy of the unequaled QuasarDragon]

  • Book View Cafe: “The Natural History & Extinction of the People of the Sea” by Vonda N. McIntyre, illustrated by Ursula K. Le Guin.
  • Sorcerous Signals has a new issue out with fantasy fiction and poetry by Chrissa Sandlin, Shiloh Carroll, Mark Fewell, Jonah Jones, Greg Schwartz, Sandra Panicucci, Christine Lucas, Robert Keller, and Rhonda Parrish.
  • Reflection’s Edge has a new issue out with fiction by an Schwartz, Rebecca Cross, Steve Nash, Ripley Patton, Tabaré Alvarez, and Silvia Moreno-Garcia.
  • Antipodean has its 134th issue online with fiction by Jan Napier, Andy Arnold, K.J. Hannah Greenberg, Dr. Michael Schaper, S.A. Harris, Shaun A. Saunders, Steve Duffy, Michael Barry, Liz Simmonds, and Ashley Hibbert. [via Beam Me Up]
  • Serial Fiction @Book View Cafe: The Textile Planet Chapter Twenty by Sue Lange.
  • Audio Fiction @Beam Me Up: “Pestworld” part one by Colin Davies, read by Paul Cole.
  • Sean Wallace (co-editor of Clarkesworld Magazine and Fantasy Magazine) is guest editing at Thaumatrope, the twitter fiction magazine. His selected theme was “punk” (steampunk, cyberpunk, etc.) and the stories will appear through the month of August under the hashtag #twtrpunk.
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