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Intro: Hanna-Barbera’s World of Super Adventure

This is a trip down Memory Lane in the city of My Youth.

I never said it was a high-quality city, did I? It’s like Hanna-Barbera had tried every other combination of heroes and just said, “To hell with it, let’s just put ’em all in together on one giant super-show!” Which they did…

[via Chris Roberson]

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2 Comments on Intro: Hanna-Barbera’s World of Super Adventure

  1. I had completely forgotten about this show until I came across the clip on Chris’ site.  And then

    it came suddenly back to memory from the corners of my memory.

  2. Yeah, I grew up with this as well.  I watched it through most of middle and high school.   I loved the Herculoids in particular.  Ookla the Mok was a bit of a totem hero for me.  I think I even ran a D&D game where the players met the Herculoids.  I think it went badly for the Herculoids, sadly.  I wrote one of my first stories as essentially a fanfic that set them down in Middle-Earth.  Like Paul, seeing this brings back a flood of memories!  Thanks for posting this!

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