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Jim Baen’s Universe is Closing

Editor Eric Flint notes that the online magazine Jim Baen’s Universe is closing after the April 2010 issue. Says Eric:

In a nutshell, we were simply never able to get and retain enough subscribers to put us on a sales plateau that would allow us to continue publishing. From the beginning, we were too dependent on the income from the Universe club. The Club’s purpose was to provide the magazine with a much-needed initial surge of income–which it did indeed provide–and then, after the first year, to continue as an important but subsidiary source of income. Instead, the Club wound up being the source of about half of our annual income, from beginning to end.

It also looks like they are doing right by their writers and paid subscribers, so nobody needs to worry on that front.

This is too bad. Of the issues I’ve read, Baen’s Universe struck me as a short fiction goldmine supplemented with thoughtful and entertaining essays as well.

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15 Comments on Jim Baen’s Universe is Closing

  1. It’s a shame. I’ve tossed them a few shekels now and again.  But it was never enough, I guess.

  2. Short fiction’s a sadly endangered species these days. Every time a market closes, I remember that Stephen King article from a few years back, in which he talked about so many short fiction markets being only read by writers, who are hoping to get published in ’em. By writers, for writers sort of thing.

    I dunno if it’s true in every instance, but it’s true too often, and it’s too bad

  3. Such a shame!  This is a magazine that gave newer writers a chance to be published and read in a pro venue.  The assitant and associate editors were great to work with!

  4. What a shame!  They published one of my stories awhile back — I got an Hon. Mention in YBSF for it!  Damn.

  5. Well, crap. 


    S. F. Murphy

  6. Son of a frakkin’ gun.

  7. What the hell?  Did I just wake up in Bizarro World or something?  This just ain’t right.

  8. This is terrible news. I’ve subscribed from the first issue and always thought they were doing okay.

    Too, too bad.


  9. Well, darnit. First Helix, and now this. Does not make my day.

  10. I heard about the Stephen King reference to short spec fic as well. I never read Universe before but the front covers posted here made me wish I would have.


  11. I heard about the Stephen King reference to short spec fic as well. I never read Universe before but the front covers posted here made me wish I would have.


  12. Ooops forgot to close the other window.

  13. Dang.

    It was one of my favorites. 

    I was a paid subsciber to it and the big three print mags (Asimov’s, Analog & F&SF – although I subscriber to all three via fictionwise for my Kindle) more often than not I enjoyed each issue of it more than its print bretheren.

  14. How sad —  another fine short story venue vanishes. 

    Cheers to Baen Books for closing down with grace and class. 


  15. Yeah, I heard about this. There was good stuff on this publication.

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