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REVIEW: Scene It? Star Trek Deluxe Addition by Screen Life

For those of you unfamiliar with the Scene It? series of games, they are DVD based trivia party games, where gamers answers questions either off of a set of cards or by watching various video clips and other visual games from the DVD. Additionally, each player or team has a token that moves across the game board and the first one to the finish is the winner.

The Star Trek franchise has a frighteningly large universe that can be mined for trivia, and being primarily a visual franchise, it’s a natural for the Scene It? treatment.

The first thing you notice is the game comes in a very nice, shiny metal box with the captains of the various TV shows on the front. This is also a warning to you that there will be Voyager and Enterprise questions, so you really need to bring it if you want to win.


Upon opening the shiny box to get at the Trek goodness inside, we find:

  • The instructions, one sheet, double-sided, which tells you just how easy it is to play the game.
  • The fold out, cardboard game board. The board has the Enterprise (original) on it firing its phasers for a bit of Trek flavor. Right out of the box, the board doesn’t lay completely flat, but it’s more than playable.
  • The DVD containing the visual questions.
  • The card deck with each card containing three different categories of trivia questions.
  • The dice, a numbered die (for moving) and an eight sider (hooray for non-standard die!) for the type of question to be answered.
  • A small set of Prime Directive cards which affect your position on the board.
  • The tokens, which are the coolest thing about the set. There are 4 metal tokens, represent the original Enterprise, the Enterprise-D, the Defiant (I think), and Voyager. Very nice.


The game is very easy to play. Each player/team takes a turn rolling the two dice, then moving the number of spaces indicated then performing the action on the other die. These actions are: My Play (one player/team answers a DVD quesiton), All Play (everyone has the chance to answer a DVD question), take a Prime Directive card and follow its instructions, answer a trivia question from the card deck or Player’s Choice. The trivia questions are broken up into three categories: United Federation of Planets (aliens, planets, ship), Stardate (events in the Trek universe) or IDIC (the pop culture world of Trek).

While the game itself is very easy to play, the questions are a different matter. Now I’m a big fan of Classic Trek more than the other series. As such, my knowledge of the newer stuff isn’t as in depth. And even so, I found many of the questions to be hard. You’ll have to be a big fan (big enough to have watched, and remembered, Voyager and Enterprise) to have any hope of answer the majority of questions, especially the ones on the cards.

I do find the DVD portion of these games to be the best part, and the Star Trek edition is no exception. Depending on the question, you may need to identify a person or ship, say what is missing from a still, answer a question about a scene (the infamous ‘blue gel’ scene from Enterprise is here), descramble words and phrases, or, perhaps my favorite, give the name of the episode based on a short audio clip. These questions tend to be easier and, being the meat and potatoes of the game, the production quality for the DVD is top notch. There’s also a party mode that instructs the DVD to show one question after the other so everyone can try to answer without having to play the full game.

I suspect your enjoyment of Scene It? Star Trek Deluxe Edition hinges on two things.First, how much you enjoy Scene It? style trivia games, and second, how much you enjoy Star Trek. I can see non-fans being put off almost immediately. But, if you have a group of Trekkies and want to play some something fun, this Trek edition would make for an excellent evening of fun and trivia. Since I like Trek, I was able to enjoy the game even though some of the questions were tough.

If you’d like to get a taste of the game, there is an online demo of the game you try. It’s very faithful to the game experience. You can also view their commercial for a shorter look at the game.

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