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Saturday YouTube: Octavia Butler Interview Clips

Here are some clips of Octavia Butler. This is from a panel discussion at UCLA in 2002, moderated by Arthur Cover. The full panel is on Frank Herbert’s Dune DVD.


[via The World in the Satin Bag]

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2 Comments on Saturday YouTube: Octavia Butler Interview Clips

  1. This reminds me how sad I was when I found out that Octavia Butler died.  I really miss new books from her and hope that more people discover her books.  She was one of the best Sci-fi writers that I have ever read.

  2. Miss Butler was a wonderful writer. I recently bought “Parable of the Sower.” Haven’t read it yet but I plan too in the next couple of weeks. My favorite of her work was “Kindred” which I thought was a total winner. I also have this video on the Special Edition of Frank Herbert’s Dune. I liked the mini-series, that’s why I bought it. Also I thought with a panel consisting of Harlan Ellison, Michael Cassut, Miss Butler and John Harrison, how could you go wrong.

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