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Stargate SG-1 Watchathon – ‘A Hundred Days’ (S03E17)

Description: Jack O’Neill becomes trapped on a planet. This is a Microsoft customer service description: Technically accurate but totally useless. O’Neill is trapped on a planet when a meteorite destroys the stargate during a meteor shower.

Wow, after showing us they can write humor, the writers turn in this really good O’Neill centric episode. Anderson gets to stretch his acting legs a bit here and shows us the loss, grief and acceptance that O’Neill would have to go through once realizing he is trapped, quite possibly for the rest of his life, on another planet. It’s quite natural he’d forge a relationship with Laira and try to put his old life behind him.

Of course, SGC is still trying to reach him and comes up with a ‘plausible’ method for doing so, at least in context of the show. The solution didn’t seem forced at all, although they could have given Teal’c some more oxygen bottles to use. And when contact is finally made, you can understand the bittersweet feelings O’Neill must be experiencing.

This whole episode felt very natural and well written. About the only nit I can pick is that, being a middle season episode, you know he’s probably going to get back by the end which, in fact, he does. This takes some of the drama out of things but it’s still quite good. I think this would have made an interesting season finale, with O’Neill still on the planet and his fate still up in the air, or at the very least a two-parter. There is a lot of character stuff that could have been touched on if given the time.

Excellent episode, let’s hope there are more in the future.

Best Lines:

[After a meteorite hits close to the village.]

O’Neill – “All right folks, train’s leaving! Let’s go!”

[O’Neill and Paynan enjoy some homemade alcohol.]

Paynan – “So what do ya think?”

O’Neill – “Absolute rot gut. More please.”

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2 Comments on Stargate SG-1 Watchathon – ‘A Hundred Days’ (S03E17)

  1. That was a great episode. Good story, acting, and very enjoyable.

    Let me also add that I’m having a great time following this series. Both my wife and I are/were big fans of SG1, so I love revisiting the episodes by way of your summaries. Someday, we’re going to re-watch all the episodes, but until then, keep up the good work.

  2. After first reading the description, and given the mediocrity of most of SG-1 to this point, my initial reaction to this episode was “Great, another ho-hum episode. Can I skim through it?”

    I’m glad I didn’t.

    And for everyone who’s still reading/watching these, I have a nice little suprise coming up near the end of the week that should be of interest to Stargate fans and will tie into Stargate Universe as well.

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