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Stargate SG-1 Watchathon – ‘Fair Game’ (S03E03)

Description: The Asgard and three Goa’uld System Lords meet at Stargate Command to negotiate a treaty modification, but subterfuge and treachery threaten not only the success of the negotiations, but Earth itself.

Teaser: Ah, nothing like a nice ceremony to pump up the troops and congratulate them for defeating yet another Goa’uld. And as Sam gets promoted to Major, O’Neill is whisked off to Thor’s ship orbiting Earth. Darn Asgard. At least this one starts out interestingly enough. But can it last?

Act I: Seems that SGC’s ability to knock off the odd Goa’uld has caused the rest of them to band together and plan a major attack on Earth (they’d better hope humanity doesn’t mine Earth orbit with a bunch of C4…). Thor doesn’t like this but, the catch is the majority of the Asgard ships are ‘unavailable’. Instead, Thor’s plan is to use diplomacy! Yay! Luckily, there is a treaty that negotiations with the Goa’uld may be extended to cover Earth. Nothing like a rousing round of vigorous conversation. Isn’t it, odd, how Thor only tells O’Neill what he needs to know and only when he needs to know it? Holding back, not a good sign. But setting O’Neill up as chief negotiator is asking for trouble. Teal’c certainly shines when he is pissed.

Act II: After a brief confrontation with Teal’c over his weapon (he looks like he could snap the airman who takes it in half) we get to see the Goa’uld who will be negotiating. What’s with the braziers in the VIP rooms? Open flames don’t sound like a good idea to me. The Goa’uld certainly act the arrogant, superior part and Teal’c’s hatred of Chronus is a ‘diplomatic incident’ waiting to happen (oooo! Teal’c backstory, no wonder he hates that guy). I’m assuming the cameras being removed will be a plot point later. O’Neill’s first chance as negotiator goes as well as you’d expect, and again, Thor seems reluctant to clue O’Neill in as to what to expect. Ah ha! The Asgard are fighting a two front war and in their own galaxy it’s against an even strong opponent. Nice info dump here and leave it to O’Neill to boil it all down to a ‘bluff’. Hmm, great sacrifices will be required. I guess we’ll see.

Act III: Heh, O’Neill forced to sign a letter of apology to the Goa’uld, written by the ‘groveler’ Jackson. Would you sign a treaty with the Goa’uld for peace if required to give up hosts? I’d say “No”. How very nice, humans are recognized as being slaves and hosts for Goa’ulds and humanity can’t advance any further technologically. Nice how that was written into the treaty and Thor didn’t bother to tell the humans. Oh yeah, and give up both stargates. That’s gotta hurt. But seeing as SG-1 goes on for another 7 years, I’m guessing that doesn’t happen. O’Neill’s conversation with Thor is terribly roundabout and annoyingly vague. The Asgard seem to be up to something but won’t clue O’Neill in on it. Which is weird since Thor already told O’Neill that the Asgard are in no position to do anything but bluff. The plot thickens! Chronus is attacked, apparently by Teal’c.

Act IV: It looks, according to the video tape, that Teal’c did indeed attach Chronus, but my spider sense tells me he didn’t do it. It’s probably one of the other Goa’uld for whatever reason. In any event, this certainly puts Earth at a distinct disadvantage during negotiations. Hammond tells Carter to find out what really happened. She’s only got about 12 minutes to do so. Certainly looks like we may have a TNG style, wrap it all up in the last 2 minutes ending. Things certainly look bad for good old Earth as the Asgard order Thor to leave and O’Neill doubles-down by placing the remaining Goa’uld under house arrest. Ouch. Luckily, Teal’c wakes up! He tells his story! Chronus called for him, but Chronos denied doing so! They were attacked by an invisible foe! Nice how all this comes out all at once. Not much of a ‘murder’ mystery if you ask me. Sam attempts to heal Chronos, and is successful! I guess we know who the ‘culprit’ is now, Ms. Goa’uld. Good thing the Goa’uld don’t trust each other, otherwise O’Neill’s little bluff wouldn’t work.

Act V: Conveniently, O’Neill bluffs Ms. Goa’uld into revealing (ha!) herself as the attacker and manages to get the ‘no Stargate’ condition removed. Although Chronos does leave with a threat. As suspected, everything is wrapped up nicely in the last few minutes.

Overall, I can’t say this was a great episode, even with the new bits of info on the Asgard. Perhaps bordering on good is as far as I’ll go.

Best Lines:

[After the Goa’uld have left the negotiating table in a huff.]

Jackson – “Excuse me, sorry for interrupting. What just happened?”

O’Neill – “Apparently we said hello, insulted each other and broke for recess.”

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