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Stargate SG-1 Watchathon – ‘Foothold’ (S03E14)

Description: The team returns from a mission to find that all at SGC are not who they seem to be.

Just when you thought the writing was getting better, we get “Foothold”. This episode is about an alien invasion of Earth where the aliens take over just SGC to ‘investigate’ whether Earth is worth it for them or not. Once again showing the security precautions at the base are rather…weak.

There are just so many issues here for me to like this one. The aforementioned crappy security of the base, the existence of an ‘escape’ shaft in and out of the mountain that is apparently unguarded and unmonitored, the aliens keep everyone they impersonate alive and hanging from the ceiling (ostensibly to connect with their minds), the need to ‘test’ Earthlings to see if Earth would be a good homeworld for the aliens (what?) and the aliens also have crappy security, allowing Carter to infiltrate the base, wake up SG-1 and help take SGC back from the aliens.

There are a couple of good things though. I like the idea of the ‘Threshold’ protocol in case SGC is ever taken over, and given the security that should happen a lot more frequently, and Col. Mayborn makes another appearance and turns out to be a lot more helpful than previous times. There’s also the Total Recall scene between Sam, Mayborn, O’Neill and Jackson that is good and could have been great if the idea had been carried further, instead of being decided definitively in the next scene.

Not one of my favorites.

Best Lines:

[O’Neill is describing the planet they just left.]

O’Neill – “Just rain. Much rain. Wind, lightning, hail… did I mention the rain, sir?”

[Upon seeing the needle to be used to disinfect SG-1 members.]

O’Neill – “Listen, really jam it in this time, okay?”

[After meeting with Mayborn and discovering he hasn’t followed protocol.]

Carter – “Maybourne, you are an idiot every day of the week. Why couldn’t you have just taken one day off?”

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