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Stargate SG-1 Watchathon – ‘Into The Fire’ (S03E01)

Description: O’Neill, Carter and Jackson are trapped on Hathor’s planet. Teal’c and Hammond go to Chulak to forge a rescue plan and recover the team.

And now, the conclusion for the second season finale! Can’t you just feel the excitement? I’m going to try something a bit different here. Up till know, I’ve already seen the episodes I post. I’ve even viewed a bit into season 3, but I’m going to break up each episode into it’s acts and comment on them. The acts usually revolve around commercial breaks and in this case, it will be where Hulu deems the commercials should go. Saddle up!

Teaser: Previously on…A nice recap, useful for those viewers who didn’t see the last episode yesterday. We also learn that the Tok’ra know where SG-1 is. They didn’t feel the need to inform SGC faster? Oh look! New opening credits. Same lackluster theme music though.

Act I: In which plans are made…Wow, those Tok’ra know an awful lot. Convenient that Hathor doesn’t defend the outside of her facility. And who is this Major guy? He’s annoying. Apparently there is still some of Apophis’ guards running around, causing trouble for Chulak. Of course, Teal’c has grand plans to rally them to his side.

Act II: That Hathor is certainly an evil #$^$^ isn’t she? Luckily the other SG teams attack at this very instant, giving the Tok’ra mole a chance to intervene and kill the larva inside O’Neill. No external defences looks pretty bad right about now, doesn’t it Hathor? Hathor uncovers the mole but inexplicably doesn’t kill her. Col. Makepeace orders a pullout and leaves O’Neill behind. Teal’c finds his people less than happy to see him.

Act III: Hathor’s forces have gained control of the stargate, blocking escape for the SG teams. What’s this? An energy field surrounding the gate? Wha? And underground laser turrets that rise up to attack? Cool, but sort of out of left field, no? Sadly for Hathor, her forces are somewhat poor shots, even opening a helpful hole into some Tok’ra tunnels for the SG guys to escape into. Another nice convenient. Also, conveniently, the energy barrier apparently stops bullets, but amplifies radio transmissions? Oooookay. There’s that annoying Major guy again. I guess he’s here just to be the ‘bad guy’ for Hammond. And just where does he get access to the President and the Joint Chiefs? His appearance here is just bizarre.

Act IV: Teal’c tries to gin up support for his plan, with assists from Bra’tak and Gen. Hammond! It’s a good thing Hammond oversees the Stargate project, must be nice having access to an intergalactic wormhole system. Is it just me or is Teal’c’s “angry” voice kind of cheesy? Plus, he sure isn’t that persuasive. Luckily, Friar Hammond is on his side! Spin one, parry two. Ah yes, the Tok’ra mole is still alive and helps Carter revive O’Neill. Hathor can’t seem to kill well either. Hathor appears and attacks Carter! But a revived O’Neill jumps Hathor and sends her into the cryogenic pit, which is as cold as her heart. Don’t mind the Tok’ra mole lying on the ground over there, her symbiote may just heal her. Those Goa’uld sure now how to build to last. A Death Glider that still works after 100 years? Excellent! Wait wait, all of Hathor’s forces are out of the temple, tracking the other SG teams in the tunnels? Tactical error! If only she had kept some back, she wouldn’t be a corpsicle right now. Whoa, that Death Glider looks like something out of Star Wars. Was Lucas watching? And after a very short battle, everyone is okay! Eh, all right.

Just an okay episode, not bad, but not great.

Best Lines:

[O’Neill is restrained, in anticipation of a symbiont’s introduction]

Hathor – “We are not pleased.”

O’Neill – “Neither are we.”

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