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Stargate SG-1 Watchathon – ‘Jolinar’s Memories’ (S03E12)

Description: Maj. Samantha Carter attempts to save her father.

Well, the teaser certainly gets your attention rather quickly. It seems that Sam’s father has been captured by Sokar and has been sent to ‘Hell’, or Netu, a moon of the planet Delmal.

It appears that no one has ever escaped from Netu, except for Jolinar, whose memories are now in Sam. But! There’s more at stake than just Sam’s father as it seems Sokar is about to launch a major attack against the System Lords. The Tok’ra need SG-1’s, and Sam’s, help to infiltrate Hell and stop the attack. It seems a fair bit coincidental that Sam just happens to have the knowledge, potentially, to help infiltrate and escape from Hell, just a tad bit.

There are a couple of nice call backs to earlier episodes technology-wise though. It’s nice to see some earlier tech used again and not forgotten. We also realize the writers have sneaked in a Jolinar/Sam centric character episode into an ostensibly jailbreak story. Sneaky, but at least we learn quite a bit more about Jolinar. Now this is how you write a character episode.

There are a couple of annoyances though. First, without stealth, why wouldn’t Sokar know that an unauthorized ship and entered orbit over Netu? And isn’t it convenient that they landed just where they needed to find Binar? You could say that’s the ‘co-ordinates’ Teal’c was talking about when reaching Netu, but I’m not really buying it. And it’s really convenient the team gets thrown into the very same ‘pit of despair’ with Jacob/Selmak. Also bothersome, why wasn’t the communication device confiscated with the weapons? Necessary, but annoying. I do, however, like how O’Neill keeps calling Martouf ‘Marty’. That’s funny.

Well isn’t that convenient, the First Prime turns out to be a traitor towards Binar, allowing SG-1 to escape with Jacob. Oh wait! Convenience turns out to be coolness as the First Prime is actually Apophis, mostly hale and hearty thanks to the magic of the sarcophagus. Now that was unexpected. Nicely done and fade to ‘To Be Continued’.

I’d have to say this one turned out to be a pretty good episode. I hope the conclusion lives up to the first part.

Best Lines:

[After receiving the go ahead from Gen. Hammond.]

Jackson – “You said “Hell,” right?”

O’Neill – “Well, I’m gonna end up there sooner or later. Might as well check out the neighborhood, huh?”

[Daniel views the moon from orbit.]

Jackson – “That’s uh, that’s still a long way down.”

Martouf – “The pods are launched at a great velocity.”

Jackson – “And that’s supposed to make me feel better or?”

[The team lands on Netu.]

Jackson – “My lungs are burning.”

O’Neill – “Well, at least it’s a dry heat.”

[Jack and company talking in the cell.]

Jacob Carter/Selmak – “He’s Sokar’s eyes and ears here.”

O’Neill – “Well, eye and ears.”

Jacob Carter/Selmak – “He ensures there are no uprisings.”

O’Neill – “Keeps the conditions livable.”

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