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Stargate SG-1 Watchathon – ‘Legacy’ (S03E04)

Description: Machello’s legacy infects the team. [That’s a very poor description from Hulu. Here’s IMDB’s. — Ed.] SG-1 discover nine Goa’uld corpses in a sealed chamber, Teal’c identifies the crest as the nine Linvris, minor rivals of the system lords. While reading a tablet containing page one of some war plan, Daniel unknowingly gets infected by a parasite, which gives him visual and auditive delusions back on earth.

Sigh, SG-1 brings back sn ‘illness’ through the stargate, again. Carter is able to defeat the ‘illness’ because of her Jolinar’s leftovers, again. In fact, this is a rather pedestrian, ‘been there, done that’ storyline from SG-1. The one thing that adds a little something is that the parasite was created by Machello (from last season) as a means to destroy Goa’uld. But otherwise, not a standout story.

But, I will say the decision to make this episode, especially the early parts, feel like a horror/supernatural story worked well. As Daniel is succumbing to the parasite, everything from the camera angles, music and sound effects (listen on headphones for maximum creepage) pumps up the strangeness Daniel is experiencing. It’s well done. For awhile.

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