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Stargate SG-1 Watchathon – ‘Points Of View’ (S03E06)

Description: When the Goa’uld invade an alternative-reality Earth, doubles of the team seek help from Stargate.

Now this is a very interesting episode. The quantum mirror from way back in season 1 makes an appearance as Sam and Kowalski from yet another alternate reality make their way to SGC’s reality to appeal to our heroes for help against a Goa’uld invasion. That’s a nice callback to an interesting artifact from an earlier episode and we get to explore the ramifications of it from the SG-1 point of view.

I’d also like to say that I think Amanda Tapping does a great job playing two roles and really brings home the ‘fish out of water’ sense of loss and confusion that the alternate, alternate reality Sam would feel. Usually I don’t make a big deal of the acting, but in this case it warrants a mention.

I do think the whole ‘entropic cascade’ seizures thing, as a way to keep the new Sam and Kowalski from staying, is a cop out. Yes they needed something to force them to leave, but this ‘reason’ feels cheap. Still, the attack on the other SGC is well done. And I do like the fact that the alternate reality Teal’c and Apophis have facial hair. Ha! Then add in a ‘deus ex machina’ ending and what could have been a great episode becomes merely good.

Best Lines:

[SG-1 is discussing the arrivals.]

O’Neill – “Just to clarify. This Carter is from an alternate, alternate reality?”

Jackson – “Apparently.”

[A bit further in the briefing.]

O’Neill – “So it’s possible there’s an alternate version of myself out there that actually understands what the hell you’re talkin’ about?”

[Alternate Apophis addresses O’Neill.]

Apophis – “My First Prime killed you before my very eyes.”

O’Neill – “I’m feeling much better thank you.”

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1 Comment on Stargate SG-1 Watchathon – ‘Points Of View’ (S03E06)

  1. As far as I remember this was the episode when the whole Carter/O’Neill relationship-thing “got me” for the first time. It was nicely done.

    I also liked a lot that they played with the, as you called it, ramifications from an earlier episode. That it was kind of a stand-alone-episode made that part even better and more of a surprise. It happens again later on (season4) with some other season1-world that they went to and never talked about after. But I don’t want to spoil anything now.

    Overall quite a nice episode, though I agree with every flaw that you described.

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