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Stargate SG-1 Watchathon – ‘Pretense’ (S03E15)

Description: Shaara/Klorel face a life-or-death trial (Hulu) or The iris brings surprise visitors to Starbase: the cat Schrödinger as sign of friendliness, next Narim, the Tollan admirer Sam gave him to, who brings a unique invitation from the curia, the highest Tollan authority (IMDB).

Well, we start with an unconventional teaser act for SG-1. Instead of focusing on SG-1 the team, we get a very short space battle as two Goa’uld ships are completely destroyed by fire from the ground. A lone Death Glider crashes on the planet and we see the pilot is Skaara. Yet another reason for not using C4 to destroy a spaceship. Too many people survive the destruction.

Skaara is in a bit of trouble and needs the help of O’Neill and friends. One thing jumps out at me at this point: Up to the meeting with Skaara, the Tollans haven’t explained what this Triad thingy is, and yet SG-1 never really asks what it’s all about. And then, with a bit of exposition, we find out what the Triad is all about: Skaara wants to be free of Klorel, but Klorel doesn’t want the same. The result? A ‘trial’ to decide which being gets its way. An interesting idea to be sure.

Of course, to my way simple way of thinking, it’s Skaara’s body with no reasonable argument otherwise. Easy! I was hoping we’d get a bit more court room ‘action’ than what we get. Some points are brought up, but they aren’t explored in much depth. Instead we swap back and forth between Goa’uld subterfuge and the Triad and wrap it up with a fairly feeble attack and resolution.

Eh, not bad. What the ending lacked was made up, somewhat, by Skaara being freed from the Goa’uld parasite.

Best Lines:

[After traveling through the stargate to the new Tollan homeworld]

Carter – “So you built that… stargate?”

Narim – “Yes.”

Jackson – “Way smarter than we are.”

O’Neill – “Ours is bigger.”

[O’Neill is bothered by the Tollan disabling his weapons.]

Narim – “No harm will come to you. The Tollan will guarantee it.”

O’Neill – “Is that a “money back if you’re not completely alive” guarantee?”

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