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Stargate SG-1 Watchathon – ‘Rules Of Engagement’ (S03E09)

Description: Young soldiers engage in deadly war games.

SG-1 stumbles across an unidentified SG unit being pinned down by Jaffa soldiers. They try to help, only to be attacked by other apparent SG units. All of this is an elaborate war game set in motion by Apophis, and promptly forgotten about, so he could have a force of soldiers to infiltrate Earth. Think Lord Of The Flies meets Battle Royale, in space!

It’s a fairly interesting idea, but one that open up other questions: Why would Apophis attack Earth in two ships if he has this force in training? If Apophis put this together after his defeat, why would he gallivant around instead waiting for these soldiers to train up and then put his infiltration plan in order? If everyone knows that Teal’c is a traitor, why don’t these soldiers know who he is?

Anyway, it’s a fairly decent episode that succumbs to TNG-itis where everything is wrapped up neatly in the last five minutes. Is it really believable that these soldiers, who’ve spent a long time training, would watch one short video of Apophis dying and believe he is actually dead instead of it being a trick? Bah!

Best Lines:

[Teal’c,Upon ‘assuming’ command]

O’Neill – “Master Teal’c, might I suggest we spare them this time?”

Teal’c – “Very well… underling.”

[SG-1 attempts to find their weapons.]

Carter – “Teal’c, what about these?”

Teal’c – “They are intar.”

O’Neill – “Short for?”

Teal’c – “Intar.”

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