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Stargate SG-1 Watchathon – ‘Show And Tell’ (S02E20)

Description: A young boy gains entry to the SGC and tells the SG-1 team he has come with his mother, a member of the invisible Reetou race.

I’m really not sure how I feel about this one. It starts off in one direction, before turning into something else. At first it plays on the heart strings by brining in a no-named kid who takes the name of O’Neill’s son (Charlie) before telling SGC of an imminent attack on them from some ‘rebels’. There’s also the whole subtext that Charlie is a manufactured being, only designed to stay alive for long enough to deliver his message, only to die later. This is played up waaaaay to hard and the music doesn’t help either.

The episode then turns into a shoot-em’-up as the Reetou rebels attack SGU and our heroes have to defend the mountain from a group of invisible aliens. Add in some fortuitous technology exchange from a sympathetic Reetou and SGC comes through once again. I’m not sure I buy the reasons for the rebel attacks but it gets the ball rolling. And the technobabble behind the invisibility ‘power’ is just annoying, not the explanation per se, but the babbleness (new word!) of it. And while there’s some decent stuff here, the whole thing just doesn’t gel for me.

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