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Stargate SG-1 Watchathon – ‘Spirits’ (S02E13)

Description: The SG-11 team has not returned from its mission to planet PXY-887, where they recently discovered Trinium, an element 100 times lighter and stronger than steel. The inhabitants of the planet fire Trinium arrow through the Stargate, wounding O’Neill.

It’s been awhile since SG-1 went to a planet whose population are descended from one Earthly culture. This time, we get to explore the Native American planet, where the population live as one with the land and commune with the ‘spirits’. Typically I’m not a fan of this type of episode as it feels like a shortcut to actually writing a decent story. Additionally we get the added bonus of a completely new ‘mineral’ that SGC is looking for, Trinium, which just might help them fight the Goa’uld. How very Trek of them.

Although, if a Trinium arrow can blow through bullet-proof glass, sign me up! Other things that bugged me: Tonane (the helpful indigenous person) seems to be continually hopped up on peyote or maybe just high on life; the ultimate explanation for the ‘spirits’ is obvious very early on and with just a quick conversation with Jack, all is well! Nice.

So no, not one of my favorite episodes.

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2 Comments on Stargate SG-1 Watchathon – ‘Spirits’ (S02E13)

  1. I barely even remember this one, so I suspect my opinion matches yours on this episode.

  2. Really? ‘Cause this one was really a lot of fun to me–I was expecting it to be more of the same, but I thought that Tonane really made it so much better. I was expecting all kinds of crazy “mystic” talk and lack of contractions as is usually the case, as well as careful suspicion, and instead he was friendly, and hospitable, and talked about the spirits in the casual way that those who really believe often do. I felt like he made a so-so episode more than that.

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