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Stargate SG-1 Watchathon – ‘The Devil You Know’ (S03E13)

Description: SG-1 must escape from a prison resembling hell.

The exciting conclusion to yesterday’s episode! Or is it? We’ll have to watch and see. In thinking more about yesterday’s episode, I have major questions about how Apophis became First Prime of Binar. Just, what? How the? For what purpose? I thought Sokar wanted to torture Apophis for a long, long time. Making him First Prime of Binar doesn’t seem like torture to me. Maybe Apophis is just lucky that way.

I know Apophis is supposed to come across as being cruel and brutal, but the mind torture scenes with Cart and O’Neill come across as, well, not that bad. And Martouf is able to easily lie to Apophis, even while under the influence. Once again, Apophis is shown to be, deep down, an incompetent, which robs those scenes of much of their power. We know the good guys are going to win, especially when facing Apophis.

Teal’c’s story is a bit better. The Tok’ra certainly have a mean streak, intending to destroy Netu just to get at Sokar has he orbits above. That must be one powerful bomb. And you know Teal’c is going along just to try and find some way to rescue his friends.

One other odd thing here is the pacing. This episode is very slow moving, especially when held against the previous episode. For most of the time, SG-1 just sit around in the Pit as one by one they are taken to Apophis. Everything comes to a head in the last 5 minutes, again, and is resolved satisfactorily, again. So much promise from the first episode, squandered in this one.

Best Lines:

[O’Neill is returned to the Pit and is explaining his experience with Apophis.]

O’Neill – “They put that damn memory thing on me. And then they gave me something that reminded me of the ’70s.”

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