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Stargate SG-1 Watchathon – ‘The Fifth Race’ (S02E15)

Description: In an ancient room, O’Neill suddenly receives the knowledge of the Ancients, the inventors of the Stargate, which is indecipherable to the rest of the team. However, the vital knowledge is too complex for humans and will cause O’Neill to lose his mind.

This should be a great episode, filled with crunchy SG-1 mythology and while we do get that, it only appears at the very tail end. What we get instead is a ‘seen it before’ episode where an alien mind ‘virus’ takes over O’Neill’s brain and makes him much more knowledgeable an smarter than everyone else. But of course, it will kill him unless something is done to remove the ‘virus’. And, oh yes, the whole here’s our 10% used brains and here is O’Neill’s 90% in use brain.

More Asgard, less lame mind games. Although we do get a funny scene between Teal’c and O’Neill where O’Neill is teach Teal’c how to box.

Other annoyances: Jack builds a portable energy device, capable of sending a gate traveler outside of our galaxy, using equipment readily available inside SGC. Huh? And just how can the gate operators know where the terminus of a gate is? And where a traveler is inside a gate? That’s some bothersome science right there. One last one, how many times do we hear that humanity has ‘great potential’? That’s just so overused.

Best Lines:

[The boxing scene]

Teal’c – “What is the reason for these padded gloves, O’Neill?”

O’Neill – “So we don’t hurt each other.”

(Waits a beat)

O’Neill – “I’ll be honest with you Teal’c, it’s so you don’t hurt me.”

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3 Comments on Stargate SG-1 Watchathon – ‘The Fifth Race’ (S02E15)

  1. I think this is the first review I don’t agree with. I really loved that episode. Sure, the virus-thing isn’t soo new anymore, but still, it was nicely done. Especially making O’Neill the intelligent one for once and not Carter was soo refreshing. And the episodes where they expand the mythology are always the most interesting ones. And of course very important for future seasons.

  2. One last one, how many times do we hear that humanity has ‘great potential’? That’s just so overused.


    Given humanity’s relationship with the ancients, and the story arc of Daniel in particular…I’m okay with that in this case.

  3. I have to agree with the others on this one – especially since this is one of my favorite episodes! And yes it’s an overused plot device but I think it has more to do with the fact that the four great races were becoming old and stagnant. There was a need for a new young race to become the main power in the galaxy, especially against the Goa’uld. And because of the connection to the Ancients, Humans were the most likely to be it.

    Don’t forget from back in the first three episodes where Teal’c is talking about the “first world” that the Goa’uld first came to, to find hosts and he finds out that Earth is in fact that world. The galaxy is already populated with the peoples of Earth – and the Ancient Egyptions were the first to rise up against Ra and drive him off Earth. Is it really a surprise that Humans have a great potential?

    I don’t think the great potential just because Humans are just that awesome, but because things were started on Earth that will be finished on Earth.

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