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Stargate SG-1 Watchathon: ‘Touchstone’ (S02E14)

Description: When a group posing as the SG-1 team steals the climate-controlling Touchstone from the planet Madrona, the planet’s weather deteriorates, threatening inhabitants with imminent death unless the stone is recovered.

On the surface, this episodes seems to be just another ho-hum episode where a seemingly less advanced society has access to a piece of technology the SGC would like to have and, if true to form, SG-1 would be unable, for one reason or another, to obtain it for Earth. And for the early part, that’s just what it is.

Then, then, Col. Mayborn and the NID make an appearance and add a bit of spice. In an inspired bit of writing, the second stargate makes and appearance and is put to nefarious use. Things are a bit more murky than that, but the implication is that NID, or elements of it, is covertly running the other stargate. That’s exactly what the NID would do and it makes a whole lot of sense storywise. Very nice call back. Of course, the ‘assault’ on the location of the stargate is rather weak, but I’ll chalk that up to limited budget.

Overall, a thumbs up from me.

Best Lines:

[SG-1 attempts to persuade Gen. Hammond to let them go back to the planet]

Carter – “And the high priest turns a series of calibrated rings which seem to determine meteorological conditions over the entire planet’s surface.”

Hammond – “Do we have any idea what makes it tick?”

O’Neill – “That’s why we’d like to go back, sir. Carter wants to get a closer look with some of her specialized do-hickeys.”

Hammond – “Do-hickeys?”

O’Neill – “I believe that’s the technical term, sir.”

[After confronting SG-1 over their apparent theft, the priest orders SG-1’s capture]

(O’Neill and company pull their weapons)

O’Neill – “Hold it! We came here in peace… we expect to go in one… piece.” (Who knew O’Neill was a budding Dolph Lundgren? — Ed.)

[Upon meeting up with Mayborn again]

Maybourne – “Teal’c. It’s good to see you well.”

Teal’c – “In my culture, I would be well within my rights to dismember you.”

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2 Comments on Stargate SG-1 Watchathon: ‘Touchstone’ (S02E14)

  1. Ohhh Mayborn, I really love you. 😀

    What I was wondering: Why did the NID use the Touchstone on EARTH for the first tests and not some empty planet reachable through the stargate?

  2. Bob Hawkins // August 7, 2009 at 7:51 pm //

    For that matter, why isn’t the whole Stargate program based on some, shall we say, more expendable planet than earth?


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