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80 Recently-Free SF/F/H Stories

More free fictiony goodness from the ever-excellent website Free Speculative Fiction Online:

  1. Gregory Benford: “Paradise Afternoon” (Flurb #8, Fall 2009)
  2. Michael Bishop: “Vinegar Peace” [PDF or audio] (Asimov’s, July 2008)
  3. Terry Bisson: “Billy In Dinosaur City
  4. Jerome Bixby: “Zen” (Galaxy, October 1952)
  5. Nelson S. Bond: “Lighter Than You Think” (Fantastic Universe, August 1957)
  6. Fredric Brown: “Hall of Mirrors” (Galaxy, December 1953)
  7. Fredric Brown: “Two Timer” (Galaxy, February 1954)
  8. Cliff Burns: “Also Starring” [PDF] (Tesseracts #4, 1992)
  9. Cliff Burns: “Invisible Boy” [PDF] (Tesseracts #3, 1990)
  10. Cliff Burns: “New World Man” [PDF] (On Spec, Fall 1997)

  1. Cliff Burns: “Printed Matter” [PDF] (On Spec, Spring 2004)
  2. Cliff Burns: “Surrealist World” [PDF] (On Spec, Summer 2005)
  3. Ray Cummings: The serialized story “Jetta of the Lowlands” Also: Parts Two and Three.(Analog (Astounding), September 1930)
  4. Tom Curry: “Giants of the Ray” (Analog (Astounding), June 1930)
  5. Charles V. De Vet: “Monkey On His Back” (Galaxy, June 1960)
  6. Charles V. De Vet: “There Is a Reaper…” (Imagination, August 1953)
  7. Charles Willard Diffin: “Out of the Dreadful Depths” (Analog (Astounding), June 1930, As by ‘C. D. Willard’)
  8. Charles Willard Diffin: “The Moon Master” (Analog (Astounding), June 1930)
  9. Paul Ernst: “The Planetoid of Peril” (Analog (Astounding), November 1931)
  10. Lloyd Arthur Eshbach: “The Gray Plague” (Analog (Astounding), November 1930)
  11. Horace Brown Fyfe: “A Transmutation of Muddles” (Analog (Astounding), September 1960)
  12. Horace Brown Fyfe: “Exile” (Space SF, February 1953)
  13. Horace Brown Fyfe: “Flamedown” (Analog, August 1961)
  14. Horace Brown Fyfe: “Irresistible Weapon” (If, July 1953)
  15. Horace Brown Fyfe: “Satellite System” (Analog, October 1960)
  16. Horace Brown Fyfe: “The Outbreak of Peace” (Analog, February 1961)
  17. Horace Brown Fyfe: “The Talkative Tree” (If, January 1962)
  18. Horace Brown Fyfe: “This World Must Die!” (Future/ SF Stories, September 1951)
  19. Jackson Gee: “An Extra Man” (Analog (Astounding), October 1930)
  20. Edmond Hamilton: “The Hidden World” (Science Wonder Quarterly, Fall 1929)
  21. Gwyneth Jones: “End Of Oil
  22. Cyril M. Kornbluth: “The Adventurer” (Space SF, May 1953)
  23. Nancy Kress: “Images of Anna” (Fantasy Magazine, September 2009)
  24. Jay Lake: “Tom Edison & His Telegraphic Harpoon” (Weird Tales, June 2007)
  25. Sterling E. Lanier: “Join Our Gang?” (Analog, May 1961)
  26. Joe R. Lansdale: “Bob The Dinosaur Goes To Disneyland” (Minight Graffiti, Fall 1989)
  27. Keith Laumer: “The Night of the Trolls” (Worlds of Tomorrow, October 1963)
  28. Tanith Lee: “The Heart of Ice” (Weird Tales, April 2008)
  29. Murray Leinster: “Murder Madness” Serialized: See also Parts Two, Three, and Four. (Analog (Astounding), May 1930)
  30. Robert H. Leitfred: “Prisoners of the Electron” (Analog (Astounding), October 1930)
  31. Lilith Lorraine: “The Jovian Jest” (Analog (Astounding), May 1930)
  32. Ken MacLeod: “Jesus Christ Reanimator” [PDF, also audio] (Fast Forward Anthology #1, 2007)
  33. Nick Mamatas: “Mainevermontnewhampshiremass” [PDF] (Weird Tales, July 2008)
  34. Paul J. McAuley: “Thought War” (Postscripts, Summer 2008)
  35. Anne McCaffrey & Author’s pageElizabeth Ann Scarborough: Changelings [PDF] (Ballantine/ Del Rey, 2005)
  36. S. P. Meek: “Stolen Brains” (Analog (Astounding), October 1930)
  37. China Miéville: Perdido Street Station [PDF] (Macmillan, 2000)
  38. Sarah Monette: “The Yellow Dressing Gown” (Weird Tales, April 2008)
  39. Michael Moorcock: “Black Petals” (Weird Tales, April 2008)
  40. Michael Moorcock: “London Bone” [PDF, also audio] (New Worlds Anthology, 1997)
  41. Ruth Nestvold: “Mars: “A Traveler’s Guide” [PDF, also audio] (F & SF, January 2008)
  42. Naomi Novik: “Feast or Famine” [also, audio]
  43. James P. Olsen: “The Cavern World” (Analog (Astounding), June 1930)
  44. Tim Pratt: “Silver Linings” (, September 2009)
  45. Cat Rambo: “Events at Fort Plentitude” [PDF in ZIP] (Weird Tales, January 2008)
  46. Alastair Reynolds: “The Sledge-Maker’s Daughter” [PDF, also audio](Interzone, April 2007)
  47. Mack Reynolds: “Dogfight – 1973” (Imagination, July 1953)
  48. Walt Richmond Leigh Richmond: “Poppa Needs Shorts” (Analog, January 1964)
  49. Frank M. Robinson: “Decision” (Space SF, September 1953)
  50. Spider Robinson: “In The Olden Days” [PDF, also audio] (Melancholy Elephants Collection, 1984)
  51. William Merriam Rouse: “The Destroyer” (Analog (Astounding), November 1930)
  52. Victor Rousseau: “The Atom-Smasher” (Analog (Astounding), May 1930)
  53. Victor R

    ousseau: “The Invisible Death” (Analog (Astounding), October 1930)

  54. Victor Rousseau: “The Wall of Death” (Analog (Astounding), November 1930)
  55. Rudy Rucker: “Bad Ideas” (Flurb #8, Fall 2009)
  56. Lawrence Santoro: “Little Girl Down The Way” [PDF, also audio]
  57. Nathan Schachner: “Slaves of Mercury” (Analog (Astounding), September 1932)
  58. Ken Scholes: “Into The Blank Where Life Is Hurled” [PDF, also audio] (Writers of the Future Anthology #21, 2005)
  59. Carter Scholz: “Bad Pennies” (Flurb #8, Fall 2009)
  60. Ekaterina Sedia: “Fungal Gardens” (Apex, September 2009)
  61. Gord Sellar: “Lester Young and the Jupiter’s Moons’ Blues” [PDF, also audio] (Asimov’s, July 2008)
  62. Robert Sheckley: “Death Wish” (Galaxy, June 1956)
  63. Norman Spinrad: “Right You Are If You Say You Are” [PDF] (Weird Tales, July 2008)
  64. Jack Vance: “Sjambak” (If, July 1953)
  65. Harl Vincent: “The Barrier” (Amazing, September 1934)
  66. Harl Vincent: “The Golden Girl of Munan” (Amazing, June 1928)
  67. Harl Vincent: “Vagabonds of Space” (Analog (Astounding), November 1930)
  68. Gene Wolfe: “The Vampire Kiss” [PDF, also audio] (Realms of Fantasy, April 2005)
  69. Sewell Peaslee Wright: “Into the Ocean’s Depths” (Analog (Astounding), May 1930)
  70. Zoran Zivkovic: “First Photograph” (Weird Tales, September 2008)
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