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Saturday Morning Short: Aliens Vs. Coffee Machine

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1 Comment on Saturday Morning Short: Aliens Vs. Coffee Machine

  1. An one gimmick joke for a five-minute short is sort of light on the funnies. Also, the title is a bit deceiving because there really are no “aliens” in the film battling a coffee maker. Honestly, I thought, based upon the title, that the short would be about a bored pilot would be ignorant of his ship being invaded by aliens only for the invasion to be thrawted by a malfunctioning coffee maker. Perhaps a more accurate title for this short would have been “New Weyland-Yutani Coffee Maker.”


    I don’t have a problem with the visuals or the animation style or anything else. I just think that, for a five-minute short, for everything to hang on one gimmicky joke is more then a bit risky.

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