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At The Trailer Park: The Fourth Kind, Pandorum, Alice In Wonderland, Cargo, Daybreakers

The Fourth Kind

If we go by this trailer, there are actually 4 kinds of alien contact, with abduction being the fourth kind. Someone tell Spielberg STAT! He needs to change the name of one his movies. Otherwise, not interested. It looks kinda creepy and on the plus side it has Mila Jovovich but nothing else, except gnomes! In Alaska! Who knew?


Huh, well, looks like aliens meet zombies. Of course, since this is from some of the people behind Resident Evil, the horror/zombie vibe should be expected. Still, I feel like I’ve seen this before a hundred times. Horror + SF = easy movie.

Alice In Wonderland

What do you think? I think it looks like a Burton movie, which is good thing. Burton seems to have done a great job giving Wonderland an odd and somewhat disturbing vibe. And Depp as the Mad Hatter certainly has the ‘mad’ part down, with a healthy dose of creepy. Certainly on my radar.


Cargo is a Swiss production, ten long years in the making. It doesn’t have a U.S. distributor yet but, despite being yet another SF/horror flick, maybe it should. For whatever reason, this one appeals to me more than Pandorum does.


Well, well, another SF/Horror hybrid, this time with vampires. However, it does have a somewhat different twist and visually it’s appealing. I wasn’t expecting much from the description, but what I saw makes it look better than I thought. Plus, any movie with a crossbow wielding Willem Dafoe has something going for it!

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  1. Can anyone explain why a group of creatures supposedly advanced enough to travel interstellar space would need to abduct humans?

    It is difficult to exaggerate the ridiculousness of the whole idea.

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