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SF Tidbits for 9/17/09

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6 Comments on SF Tidbits for 9/17/09

  1. “In the newly-compiled list of 101 Fantasy Books, Tolkien comes in at #12 with The Fellowship of the Ring. The top 11 positions are held by J.K. Rowling and Stephanie Meyer. No, really!”

    Man, this REALLY pisses me off. Were only teenagers and sheep allowed to vote?

  2. Or maybe teenage sheep?

    <Joey Tribiani>How ewe doing?</Joey Tribiani>

  3. I could have seen that Delany movie at the NY Film Festival where it premeired but the tickets were $25! So I opted to wait for the DVD which has been in that “unknown” status forever. WTF? I don’t know who I’m more mad at, myself for not spending the 25 bucks, or whoever it is who isn’t releasing to movie.

  4. At the Delany group on Yahoo several people have bought the DVD of “Polymath” this week. Distribution seems somewhat random, so best bet is probably to special order it.

  5. “…four…” effing script? How about if I just have one effing script?

  6. Fred, I’m not sure, but I think…I think I missed you… 🙂

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