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Stargate SG-1 Watchathon – ‘Beneath The Surface’ (S04E10)

Description:SG-1 awakens in a mysterious underground complex, with no memory of their previous lives. In fact, they seem to possess a whole new set of memories.

I guess I was spoiled by “Window of Opportunity”. The episodes since then haven’t been close to being as entertaining as that one. “Beneath the Surface” is no exception. We have a culture that has consigned a large group of people, the workers, to living underground and keeping the cities waste/water/heating apparatus in working order. This is to keep the above ground city alive during an ice age. Of course, these workers as slaves and when SG-1 calls the Administrator on it, they are memory wiped and dumped down below.

That part reminds me a lot of Dollhouse as SG-1 slowly regains their memories and is finally able to escape in a very quick almost coup, taking all the workers with them to be relocated somewhere else.

There are a few nice character moments, but this one turns out ‘okay’. Not great, not bad, just ‘okay’.

Best Lines:

[O’Neill, Carter and Jackson ‘meet’ after stopping a potential explosion.]

Jackson – “There’s something else going on. The big night sick guy with the uh….”

Carter- “Tor.”

Jackson – “He said we were part of something called ‘SG-1’.”

O’Neill – “Yeah, what is that?”

Carter – “A team?”

O’Neill – “What kind of name is that for a team?”

[The above trio meets a little later to discuss things.]

O’Neill – “My memory’s fine.”

Jackson – “Really?”

O’Neill – “Yeah.”

Jackson – “What did you do in the mines?”

O’Neill – “I mined.”

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