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Stargate SG-1 Watchathon – ‘Crossroads’ (S04E04)

Description: SG-1 responds to an incoming wormhole with their ally Bra’tac’s signal. Instead of Bra’tac, they greet Shan’auc, who tells them that she has come on behalf of Bra’tac.

Man, this is one slow episode. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I just didn’t get into this one at all. The idea of turning a Goa’uld to the ‘good’ side is intriguing but I kept waiting for the inevitable other shoe to drop. Which it does near the end. Once a Goa’uld, always a Goa’uld I suppose but I wasn’t surprised.

As I’ve stated before, I tend to dislike the more character centric episodes of SG-1 as I don’t find them to be overly interesting as characters, although they have their moments. Since this is more character focused, I found it less interesting. Although, the ending does bump it up some. I like the fact the Tok’ra are ruthless enough to sacrifice one of their own just to follow Tanith and feed him disinformation. That shows me they really take their war with the Goa’uld seriously.

The other thing that kicks this one up a tad is the major eye candy babe-age with both Musetta Vander as Shan’auc and Vanessa Angel as Anise (and who, exactly, designs a top that leaves the belly button bare?) Well done show runners, well done.

While this one is not near as bad as episodes from previous seasons (that’s a low bar that you have to work at to cross), it’s also not a great one. More like ‘ho-hum’. I’m waiting to get back to the space battles.

Best Lines:

[Teal’c asks to speak with Shan’auc in private.]

Shan’auc – “My symbiot has assured me that this will not happen again.”

O’Neill – “Oh well, if the snake says so then…who are we…”

[The rest of SG-1 discuss Shan’auc and Teal’c.]

O’Neill – “They got history.”

Carter – “History?”

O’Neill – “Oh yeah.”

Jackson – “She’s a temple priestess.”

O’Neill – “So?”

Jackson – “So they don’t do a lot of dating.”

O’Neill – “Maybe not. But there was some serious sparkage when she arrived.”

[After a little spat with the Tok’ra over Tanith and his new host.]

O’Neill – “I guess we should just mosey on back to Earth and tell General Hammond how the Tok’ra boned us again.”

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1 Comment on Stargate SG-1 Watchathon – ‘Crossroads’ (S04E04)

  1. This one gets the award for vaguest and/or most all-encompassing title.  Really, it could apply to most any episode.  Had we gone with a freelancer’s suggestion years later, an episode named Turn of Events would have trumped it but, alas, Crossroads holds the honor.

    I’ve often said that the nice thing about SG-1 was the freedom it gave us to tell a variety of stories – Earth-based vs. off-world, action vs character-driven, humorous vs. serious, small vs epic.  And we also tried to give each of our characters an episode or two of focus.  In this case, it was Teal’c who, granted, like most Jaffa appears unfathomable – but over the course of the years, he certainly warms up and you do get a sense of emotional core that drives him.  Particularly in an episode like this. 

    I remember being surprised by the effectively downbeat/unresolved ending but, looking back now, coming off the heels of The Other Side, I guess I shouldn’t have been so surprised.  All the more reason that I am surprised we didn’t keep the original downbeat ending of an upcoming episode.  But more on it when we get there.

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