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Stargate SG-1 Watchathon – ‘Entity’ (S04E20)

Description: Stargate Command is infected by an alien probe that uploads its program into the base computers, where it accesses sensitive data on Stargate program and its personnel.

For the first half, this episode does a decent job with the ‘alien program in the computer system’ thing fairly decently, aside from the obvious how in the heck an alien program would be able to run at all on Earth based computers. Things progressed nicely with the program doing what you would expect up to, and including, building itself a ‘safe house’ to reside while the SGC tried to clean out their systems. That’s all well and good. Plus the question of whether to try and communicate with an unknown, possibly hostile, alien or wipe it out is a good one.

However, the episode jumps the shark when Carter is infected by the alien via electrical pulses to the fingers. Right. That’s even worse than a virus, created on a Mac can infect and blow up an alien spaceship. Then toss in the ‘speaking in Hawking’ idea and they lost me. Yes, the idea the alien would try to preserve itself in any way possible feels right, but the execution is just rather lame. Sigh.

Add in O’Neill acting as mini-Kirk to force the alien out, which always bugs me, and the consciousness switching shell-game to save Sam and, well, a very underwhelming episode. Can anyone tell me how you run an EEG on a computer system? Why is the emergency shut off in the @#^@$%^ gate room and not the control room?

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