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Stargate SG-1 Watchathon – ‘Maternal Instinct’ (S02E20)

Description: SG-1 races against Apophis to find the Harsesis child.

Apologies to everyone expecting an SG-1 yesterday, my internet connection went out the night before and I didn’t get a chance to watch this one until much later. I’ll give a very short commentary this time, mostly because I don’t think the episode deserves a long one.

Apophis (who won’t die) has located the Harsesis child and SG-1 tries to recover him first. Basically it turns out the child is in the care of an alien on an unknown world, with a Zen koan spewing monk as a watchman. This whole episode was just a big ‘ho hum’ for me. Nothing too exciting, some funny lines from Jack and not much else.

The one thing that did cross my mind was this: Apophis in specific and the Goa’ulds in general are becoming tiresome villains. It would be nice to put them to rest and move on to something else. Just me.

Best Lines:

[SG-1 encounters the Zen monk.]

Bra’tac – “I believe he wishes us to take off our boots.”

O’Neill – “Yeah, look, uh, we’ve been walking a ways today…”

Monk – “Your journey is only begun.”

O’Neill – “Yeah, I’m just sayin’, I think I’m doin’ us all a big favor by keepin’ these babies on.”

[Daniel tries to explain the monk’s purpose.]

Jackson – “The monk is just someone who’s sort of taken up a curatorship.”

O’Neill – “Kind of a janitor?”

Jackson – “More of a guide.”

O’Neill – “An usher?”

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