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Stargate SG-1 Watchathon – ‘Nemesis’ (S03E022)

Description: SG-1 faces creatures of mass destruction.

As season finales go, “Nemesis” is really dull up until the last 5 minutes or so. True, we do learn about the threat that is giving the Asgard such a hard time, the Replicators. Unfortunately the Replicators are a cliched machine intelligence whose only apparent directive is to, well, replicate and they do so by destroying everything in their path, including their creators. Maybe back when this first aired this idea was more fresh, but now it seems tired. It doesn’t help that the Replicators themselves look like poorly CGI-ed mechanical LEGO spiders.

For most of the show all we get is talk talk talk as everyone tries to figure out how to stop the Replicators from reaching Earth, even if it means destroying the Asgard ship. Which, as you’d expect, is exactly what the plan ends up being. Starting with Teal’c’s spacewalk, the tension starts to ramp up and the ‘stealing’ of the SGC stargate was cool and unexpected. Although I have to say the idea that the gate stores enough energy for one dial out is a cop out, but I do like the idea of gating out to another planet then back to the secondary gate. We know that SG-1 survives so that part isn’t in doubt and the appearance of a Replicator amongst the wreckage was expected, ending the episode on a rather low note. I can’t say this is one of the better episodes, even though I would expect it to be. I’m really curious to see how Season 4 turns out.

Oh, one other cool thing: O’Neill and company were, I think, using SPAS-12 shotguns to obliterate Replicators. You know when you’re on the wrong end of that thing.

Best Lines:

[The best line in the episode, maybe the series so far, as Teal’c is in the airlock.]

O’Neill – “Teal’c, say something.”

Teal’c – “One small step for Jaffa.”

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2 Comments on Stargate SG-1 Watchathon – ‘Nemesis’ (S03E022)

  1. Okay, you’ve convinced me: This is a pretty mediocre show.

    Kinda glad I never watched past the first season.

    Six more seasons of these little reviews, huh?

  2. Chris,

    Nope. I’m stopping at the end of Season 4, which will happen just a few days before Stargate Universe premieres. That’s been the plan all along. But I do agree that, so far, SG-1 has been mediocre with some flashes here and there. I have heard that Season 4 is better, but we’ll see.

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