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Stargate SG-1 Watchathon – ‘Small Victories’ (S04E01)

Description: SG-1 returns to Stargate Command with news that Earth has been saved from the Replicators – only to learn that one of the deadly creatures was not destroyed.

And so Season 4 begins, on a Russian sub. An actual Russian sun which was in Canada on a goodwill tour. Excellent. Also, just before the Russian submariner opens the torpedo tube, he is asked “What do you think is in there?” He answers “may be it’s a bug from previous episode!” (thanks IMDB). Ha! And this is an intriguing teaser trailer, although later on it’s stated the Replicator won’t attack unless it feels threatened. I didn’t see much of a threat here though.

The Asgard seem a bit odd to me too. Too advanced to think primitively? Really? Wouldn’t they have been just as primitive at some time in the past? I suppose that could be a stumbling block but aren’t there archives or something they could look through? Second, they name their last best hope the “O’Neill”. I find that to be a big stretch, but that’s just me.

On the plus side, you gotta love Teal’c soul patch! Awesome. Or could he be evil Teal’c?

I do feel the solution to the three Replicator ships was a bit too easy, but I’m no hyperspeed expert. Maybe the bugs are slaves to their nature, but wouldn’t leaving one ship behind be a smarter tactical move? But that allowed for the Asgardian Ex Machina ending which I’m not a fan of in general.

So, first show of season 4 has some decent stuff, some not so decent and a good bit of humor which makes it a decent episode. Not knock your socks off, but not bad.

Best Lines:

[Upon returning to Earth after a week away.]

O’Neill – “I’d be happy to debrief you all after I’ve debriefed myself for a nice hot shower”

Hammond – “Permission to shower granted. In fact, I insist on it, Colonel.”

O’Neill – “Bad?”

Jackson – “I wasn’t gonna say anything.”

[Thor explains why the Asgard need Earth’s help.]

Thor – “You have demonstrated their weakness may be found through a less… sophisticated approach. We are no longer capable of such thinking.”

Jackson – “Wait a minute. You’re actually saying that you need someone dumber than you are?”

O’Neill – “You may have come to the right place.”

[After destroying the three Replicator ships.]

Carter – “We did it!”

Thor – “It was your stupid idea Major Carter.”

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4 Comments on Stargate SG-1 Watchathon – ‘Small Victories’ (S04E01)

  1. RE: Asgard can’t think primitively – how often does anyone overlook the simple answer beaus they start over thinking something? I think it’s the same thing here just exaggerated quite a bit.

    Also, please check your episdoe title, it should be: “Small Victories”

  2. Damn, this was so long ago I barely remember the episode.  Well, not entirely true.  I do remember the tease where that character (we called “Rick Moranis”) catches a face full of replicator spray.  Was this the season with the soul patch?  I’m not sure if it was this episode, but Richard Dean Anderson adlibbed a scene in which Teal’c steps through the gate and O’Neill reacts with a “What’s with the – uh – ?”.  I found it weird that, for the longest time, we resisted actor Chris Judge’s request to grow his hair out, but had no problem granting him the soul patch.  And a blond one no less. 

    P.S. – J.P., I actually had you pegged as a hyperspeed expert.  Did you major in Alternate Universe travel instead?

  3. Jen – Good point. I stand a bit corrected.

    Joe – In an alternate universe I am a hyperspeed expert! The only thing hyperspeed about me in this universe is the ability to get to the couch.

  4. <i>I’m not sure if it was this episode, but Richard Dean Anderson adlibbed a scene in which Teal’c steps through the gate and O’Neill reacts with a “What’s with the – uh – ?”. </i>

    For this, perhaps you mean season 8 episode “New Order” when they “defrost” Jack and he sees that Teal’c has hair and he starts asking “Teal’c, what’s with the hair?” – repeatedly…

    In “Small Victories” it’s Daniel who comments on the soul patch when the team comes back through the gate:

    DANIEL: You’ve got a…
    O’NEILL: (quietly) Don’t touch it.

    Daniel hadn’t been with them because he had his appendix out. Fun fact of the day that no one probably cares about – Daniel had his appendix out because Michael Shanks had to have his out after they finished filming the episode “Crystal Skull”. The story goes that the writers were coming up with crazy ideas for why Daniel couldn’t be in the episode and it went on for a long time before someone finally figured out they could just have Daniel have his appendix out as well.

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