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Stargate SG-1 Watchathon – ‘New Ground’ (S03E19)

Description:The SG-1 crew members become pawns in an ideology war (Hulu) or while redialing old Stagate addresses, the SGC discovers that a gate that was previously buried has become uncovered. They send a probe through and find two archaeologists. However, when they travel through the Stargate, they find that it is located in a in civil war: one continent believes that the people were created by a Goa’uld, while their enemy believes that humans arrived from another planet – by the Stargate (IMDB).

This one starts out rather decent. I was expecting some heavy handed message about religious intolerance and such, and while there is some of that, the actions of Rigar do feel correct. He’s ready to do anything to protect his way of life, including killing that which doesn’t fit into his world view. He’s still a jerk though.

But unfortunately, the episode doesn’t ever really go anywhere. We get Rigar strutting around trying to interrogate SG-1 then everything is wrapped up in the last five minutes. The end just doesn’t live up to the beginning, but it’s still decent, certainly compared to some of the other really bad episodes we’ve seen.

Best Lines:

[After being captured by the Bedrosians.]

O’Neill – “Do you believe we come in, peace?”

[SG-1 is being interrogated by Rigar.]

Rigar – “Let us talk about your friend in the woods.”

O’Neill – “I have no friends… in the woods or otherwise.”

[Just a little later.]

Rigar – “Wormhole?”

O’Neill – “Giant worms. Huge.”

[And a little later still.]

Rigar – “And how is this illusion of water created that I’ve heard described?”

Jackson – “Well you’re right in that. It’s not actually water.”

Rigar – “Then what is it?”

O’Neill – “Magic.”

[Rigar threatens SG-1 with a Zat gun.]

O’Neill – “Hey, Rigar. You know that “we come in peace” business? Bite me.”

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