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Stargate SG-1 Watchathon – ‘Scorched Earth’ (S04E08)

Description: Thanks to SG-1, a civilization known as the Enkarans have been transplanted from a Goa’uld slave planet to a safer, more hospitable world.

But of course there turns out to be trouble. It seems that a dying alien race sent out an arkship, looking for the perfect world to terraform and resurrect the aliens. The planet chosen just so happens to the world the Enkarans have settled on. The alien ship is basically destroying the current ecosystem and is replacing it with one based on sulfur for the aliens, and it won’t stop, not even to give the Enkarans time to evacuate, which the won’t do because they are stubborn.

The ship creates an Enkaran android in an attempt to communicate with those on the ground, but basically he’s just there to say “Move it or lose it. Sorry.” Which is where SG-1 and Daniel come into to play. O’Neill has orders to nuke the ship if necessary (and they get darn close) while Daniel tries everything he can think of to persuade Lotan (who looks and acts uncannily like Data) to stop. Daniel also gets his ‘Captain Kirk’ moment as he persuades Lotan to stop the ship and save the Enkarans.

Even though this episode revolves around several coincidences (two races needing the very similar environments, the alien ship needing to meet exacting standards, and the original Enkaran home world being in the ships database), I do like the basic idea at play here. What would you do in the face of an seemingly implacable foe? And even Daniels persuasion of Lotan feels reasonable and not the usual logic cop out you get from Trek.

Overall a pretty good episode, especially when compared to the last one.

Fun fact: That Lt. Gaeta guy sure gets around. Not only is in this episode, but it looks like he’s in two more later this season.

Best Lines:

[SG-1 discusses trying to communicate with the aliens.]

Carter – “Question is, will they listen?”

O’Neill – “Well, the real question is, will they have ears?”

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