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Stargate SG-1 Watchathon – ‘The Light’ (S04E18)

Description: One member of an SG unit has committed suicide, and three others, including Dr. Daniel Jackson, are near death. Their condition is a mystery, but the answer could well lie in a strange offworld temple.

I’ll say right up front here that I am not a fan of this episode. I like the idea of a “Goa’uld opium den” but I don’t think the idea was really explored that well. Instead we have this ‘light’ statue that gives off some sort of addictive emanations that cause depression and suicidal thoughts if a person is away from it for long. The ‘light’ is supposedly to allow the Goa’uld parasite to get ‘high’ but with some bad side effects for the host.

There’s also a glommed on side story involving Loran, a kid who lost his parents to the device yet stays close by with no visible means of support. I did find this part of the story to be more interesting, even though its very obvious he’s hiding something about the device.

Then we get everything all wrapped up nice and tight in the last act. SG-1 will be okay with a few weeks to detox around the device and Loran gets to go ‘home’ with them. So obvious.

Not one of the better efforts.

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