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Stargate SG-1 Watchathon – ‘The Other Side’ (S04E02)

(Programming note: Joseph Mallozzi will be answering questions for SF Signal readers. If you’d like to ask him a question, please visit this post and place your question!)

Description: Stargate Command is contacted by Alar, a representative of the planet Euronda. His people are under attack and in need of help. Gen. Hammond sends SG-1 on a humanitarian mission to deliver food and medical supplies.

I can’t hear Rene Auberjonois talk without hearing Odo from DS-9 and I never really watched it because I never really got into it. He just has a very distinctive voice. Here he plays a seemingly benign yet quite possible sneaky politician attempting to curry favor with SGC to gain access to heavy water to help power their defenses and weaponry. As you might imagine, Daniel is not for giving the Eurondans the water they need, instead preferring they upend their entire society and find somewhere else to live. Jack is all about the technology. The battle lines are drawn. Oh, and I’m sorry, that thing on Teal’c’s chin bugs me. It just doesn’t seem to fit. How long does he keep that thing?

This is an interesting episode. It starts out slow, but the mystery behind what is motivating the Eurondans carries the show along and add in the question about how far the SGC is prepared to go get their hands on advanced technology and the elements are there for a good episode. And it was, right up until the reveal of the ‘mystery’.

Turns out the Eurondans are clones and despise those who breed indiscriminately. Then it turns into a ‘discrimination leads to evil’ allegory. There’s no subtlety here with the Eurondans being cast (and foreshadowed early on) as the definite bad guys and the enemy is the definite good guys, no shades of grey to be found. Then Jack basically helps the enemy destroy the Eurondan society completely, as well as closing the iris on Alar and he’s responsible for many, many deaths. I’m not sure I like how it turned out.

Best Lines:

[O’Neill discovers Carter still on the base.]

O’Neill – “Alright, I’m here two hours early. When did you get here?”

Carter – “I haven’t left yet.”

O’Neill – “Didn’t I order you to get a life?”

[O’Neill sits in a remote control station to attempt to shoot down an enemy drone.]

O’Neill – “Does this thing take quarters?”

[Jackson and O’Neill “discuss” the proposed deal with the Eurondans.]

Jackson – “Their whole world is in flames, and we’re offering gasoline. How is that help?”

Teal’c – “We are in fact offering water.”

O’Neill – “Thank you.”

Jackson – “I was speaking metaphorically.”

O’Neill – “Well, stop it. It’s not fair to Teal’c.”

[O’Neill asks for Teal’c’s opinion on Alar.]

O’Neill – “So what’s your impression of Alar?”

Teal’c – “That he is concealing something.”

O’Neill – “Like what?”

Teal’c – “I am unsure. He is concealing it.”

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  1. Oh, there were some discussions on the room on this one.  They focused on a) O’Neill’s actions at episode’s end that demonstrated a shockingly brutal side to the character and b) those ridiculous “alien” drinking glasses that were so completely counter-intuitive (wait ’til you get to the basket of red “alien” kiwis later in the season!).

    Rene was terrific, a delight to work with, and he evidently had a great time, jokingly suggesting that he had a twin brother back on the planet available for future storylines.

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