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Stargate SG-1 Watchathon – ‘Watergate’ (S04E07)

Description: When the stargate won’t open, trapping teams offworld, the SG-1 team investigates and learns that the Russians have their own stargate, apparently recovered from the sea after an Asgard ship crashed on Earth.

It seems those darn, sneaky Russkies done went and got themselves a stargate (from the crashed Asgard ship) to pair up with the confiscated DHD they took from the Germans in WW II. Plus, they managed to convince Counselor Troi to sport a really, err, obnoxious Russian accent. Could this lead to a new era of detentes?

One thing occurs to me as SG-1 infiltrates the Russian base: Is it wise to have not one, but two airdrop newbies shoved out of the airplane? And not just newbs, but newbs with zero training? I guess it’s good there is a lot of snow to cushion to impact. Moving on, the big mystery is what happened to the Russian base? The hints are intriguing.

Limitless clean power (emitted from water??) certainly gives someone a huge motive for attacking the base to gain access to it. It should be interesting to see who is responsible for the attack.

Wait, what? Mayborn? Frozen? And wearing a Russian uniform? He certainly does get around. Sad to see him as a corpsicle though, he is/was a great bad guy. His appearance certainly amps up the interest level.

Oh man, he’s not dead. This seems to indicate a techobabble explanation in the offing. That’s disappointing. Ah, it seems that the ‘water’ isn’t just water, but a living being. That’s interesting. Being able to invade and take over a human then keep him alive after being frozen is a bit far fetched. There’s a bit too much babble here for me, the whole “I don’t know how I just know” explanation from Mayborn is the easy way out. As is the ending.

There’s lots of interesting pieces here, they just don’t come together as well as I would have liked. Decent, but not great.

Best Lines:

[Markov is looking for something.]

Markov – “It’s gone!”

O’Neill – “If I say, “What” and you say “It’s classified,” I’m gonna shoot ya.”

[Markov is attempting to fix the sub.]

Markov – “If you’re implying that everything Russian-made is of poor quality, actually, the sub is Swiss.”

Jackson – “So it occasionally catches fire but they keep perfect time?”


Jackson – “Sorry. I think I’ve been hanging around Jack O’Neill too much.”

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1 Comment on Stargate SG-1 Watchathon – ‘Watergate’ (S04E07)

  1. This episode marks the first fond memory I have of my writing partner, Paul, flipping out on a Stargate-related point of logic.  He’s notoriously tough in the room, the first one to point out if something doesn’t make sense, and is always fully prepared to go to war on the issue.  I recall sitting there, watching the director’s cut with him when they discover Mayborne frozen solid.  Of all the things to take issue with – the air drop, the creature, the fact that they could revive Mayborne – his biggest problem with the episode was the fact that Mayborne had been frozen solid standing up!  Unless he was flash frozen (which he wasn’t), Mayborne would have been discovered curled up somewhere rather than in mannequin-like repose.  He went off on it every time we saw the episode – and that little incident became a harbinger of future outrages. 

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