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Trailer: Solomon Kane

Solomon Kane premiered this week at the Toronto International Film Festival. It’s supposed to be out in 2010.

So what do you think? Good trailer, Bad trailer, or “meh”?


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8 Comments on Trailer: Solomon Kane

  1. Hmmm, I’m not quite sure about this one. I’ve read (re-read) the stories within the last year or so, and the emphasis on doomed-to-hell, going-to-hell, creatures-of-hell, not-ready-for-hell that I see in this trailer isn’t what Howard’s work is really about, I don’t think. Sure he pursues and confronts bad men and bad things, but as often as not they’re evil warlords, evil dictators of a city-state or the conjurings of witch doctors. Yes, evil to be sure. But that’s Kane’s mission in life.

    That said, the SFX (or CG if you prefer the term) in this look pretty good, and considering few if any films ever accurately reflect the written work on which they are loosely based, it looks to be sufficiently dark, action-filled and entertaining. So it’s probably a good trailer for the film, but not what I’d describe if someone asked me to tell them about the written works.

  2. Unfortunately looks more like a sequel to Van Helsing than a Solomon Kane piece. The worst part is changing his guiding point from religious-fanatism-evil-fighting to a damsel in distress. Sigh.

    And would it really hurt to set it on Europe and Africa?

  3. I’ve never read Solomon Kane but James Purefoy was FANTASTIC as Mark Antony in HBO’s ROME.

    Might be worth a look.

  4. I, too, thought of Van Helsing. It would be hard for a movie to be worse than THAT turd. Let’s hope this movie washes away the stink.

    Kane is my favorite Robert E. Howard character. More depth, angst than Conan.

  5. Actually, when I first saw the Van Helsing trailers I was thinking Solomon Kane. I’ll watch this. It feels close in spirit if nothing else. I also like the character more than Conan. Kane seemed driven by something larger than himself and, as the self-appointed right hand of God, he refused to let anything stop him. I can’t not watch it.

  6. Hollywood needs to fall violently into the ocean.

    There are more things wrong with that trailer than can be counted.

    As long as people continue to flock to see the latest travesties, the studios will continue to wipe their ass with our beloved characters.

    I morally support all movie piracy. Anything that speeds this abyssmal indusrty’s demise is a good thing.


  7. neorandomizer // September 21, 2009 at 6:03 am //

    did the producers even read any of Howard’s Soloman Kane stories because what’s in the trailer is not him.

  8. I’ve been a huge fan of Howard and the “Kane” stories for, well, decades.

    It would have been nice if they’d have gotten someone to actually read the stories first *before* writing and filming the movie. Yet another example of “We got the name… that’s all we need” Sci-Fi Channel style film-making that’s making a travisty of the science fiction / fantasy film genre these days.

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