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At The Trailer Park: Assault Girls, Terror Inside, The Imaginarium Of Dr. Parnasus, Seres: Genesis

Assault Girls

Mamoru Oshii is the influential Japanese director behind Ghost in the Shell, Avalon and a variety of other movies and anime. His newest movie is Assault Girls, think Dune meets Final Fantasy in what looks like a virtual world. I usually like the stuff Oshii puts out and this one certainly looks interesting. As soon as it hits this part of the world I’ll go see it.

Terror Inside

You could wonder how far the mighty have fallen, then you realize Terror Inside ‘stars’ Corey Feldman and put that question behind you, for good. This one looks really, really bad. Comically bad, like a film school take on Lost Boys.

The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnasus

Terry Gilliam is a director you either love or hate or love to hate, producing visually stunning yet sometimes overambitious movies. You know going in you’re going to get the Gilliam stamp on the visuals but you don’t know what you’ll get story wise. Parnasus has the extra challenge of dealing with Heath Ledger’s death in mid-shoot. I’ve heard some disappointing things about the movie and what Gilliam did to cover for Ledger’s absence. It certainly looks incredible. For my money, Gilliam and Tim Burton are the best at creating incredibly arresting movies visually.

Seres: Genesis

Have you ever wondered what The X-Files would like produced in Mexico? Look no further! Seres: Genesis is a Mexican film covering that well worn SF trope of alien abductions and invasion. You can’t help but see the influence from X-Files in the movie, but I think it really looks well put together.

[H/T to Quiet Earth for some of the links.]

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2 Comments on At The Trailer Park: Assault Girls, Terror Inside, The Imaginarium Of Dr. Parnasus, Seres: Genesis

  1. This “Assault Girls” looks to me like somewhat darker  “Might Morphing Power Rangers” Japanese edition with bigger budget. Shock full of sillyness and not much of anything else.

  2. In “The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnasus”, did I just hear Tom Waits?:)

    Looks icredible :)!

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