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Doctor Who: Alternate Empire

In this fan film, Doctor Who: Alternate Empire, The Doctor and Samantha go up against the KRALL, an invading alien race that plan to conquer a planetary system based in the Star Wars universe. This is the first episode of a six part scifi web series, and stars Julian Bane as the Doctor and Caroline Morahan as Samantha…

Is it me, or does Julian Bane look like he’s channeling Gene Simmons in his Runaway days?

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1 Comment on Doctor Who: Alternate Empire

  1. By crikey that’s bad!


    Sorry, I’m sure a lot of effort went into that, and the effects are mostly quite good (though did you spot the stick-on LED spotlights as part of the Tardis console?), but the acting and dialogue!  It actually made me cringe.  “There is much to fear in the universe, and you are not one of them”.  Really?  Try speaking English!

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