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GIVEAWAY: Star Wreck Imperial Edition DVD

Star Trek is no stranger to both fan fiction and fan made episodes. One of the more ambitious fan created movies is Star Wreck, a parody of Trek and Babylon 5. Made by a group of Finnish fans, Star Wreck took seven years to create and has some very impressive CGI shots. The synopsis:

This is not your typical parody aimed solely at Star Trek fans. Instead, it is a movie for everyone with a taste for action, comedy, and zany characters. It tells the story of Captain James B. Pirk of the Starship C.P.P. Kickstart and his crew, Commander Dwarf and Commander Info, who all find themselves stranded on 21st Century Earth, adventuring to save the planet from hostile aliens. As the prospects for humanity’s conquest of space look increasingly bleaker, Pirk comes up with a questionable plan to save mankind’s future. The story that unfolds amidst space battles is a stark reminder of the danger that results from the mixture of ambition, cowardice and stupidity.

The Imperial Edition DVD is releasing on November 10th and thanks to Revolver Entertainment, we have one copy to give away!

Follow these rules for your chance to win…

  1. Send and email to contest at sfsignal dot com. That’s us.
  2. In the subject line enter Star Wreck.
  3. Please include your postal address so the prize can be sent out to you as soon as it’s available. (Note: US and Canada residents only.)
  4. One entry per person please. Duplicates will be laughed at mercilessly, then filed appropriately.
  5. The contest will end Wednesday, October 28th, 2009 (11:59:59 PM CT). 1 winner will be selected at random and notified sometime after we wake up the next day.

Still unsure? Here’s the trailer:

Good luck!

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