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GIVEAWAY: Stargate 15th Anniversary Blu-Ray Edition

15 years ago a little science fiction film debuted that would spawn three series, one of which is currently ongoing, and would create a sizable fanbase. I’m talking about, of course, the original Stargate movie. To commemorate the occasion, Lionsgate is releasing the 15th anniversary edition on Blu-Ray, and we have one to give away to a luck SF Signal reader! Aside from the original theatrical release, and due to the immense storage capacity of Blu-Ray, this disc also contains the following features:

  • An extended cut of the film.
  • “Deciphering the Gate: Concepts and Casting” featurette
  • “Opening the Gate: The Making of the Movie” featurette
  • “Passing Through the Gate: The Legacy” – featurette
  • Never-before-seen Gag Reel
  • “Master of the Stargate” Interactive Trivia Challenge
  • BonusViewTM Picture-in-Picture “Stargate Ultimate Knowledge”
  • “Is There a Stargate?” featurette
  • “The Making-of Stargate” documentary
  • Audio commentary with Director Roland Emmerich and Producer Dean Devlin

That’s a lot of stuff and note the film has been remastered in 1080P High Definition 16 x 9 Widescreen with English 7.1 DTS-MA Audio. All that makes me sad I don’t have a home theater system. Or a Blu-Ray player. But if you do and you’d like your very own copy, here are the rules:

  1. Send an email to contest at sfsignal dot com, which will eventually find its way to us.
  2. In the subject line enter Stargate.
  3. Also include your postal address so the disc can be sent out to you. (Note: As per usual, US and Canada residents only.)
  4. The contest will end on Wednesday, Nov. 4th, 2009 at 11:59:59PM CT. 1 lucky winner will be selected at random and the prize shipped out shortly thereafter.

Good luck!

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2 Comments on GIVEAWAY: Stargate 15th Anniversary Blu-Ray Edition

  1. SG-1 the series is, overall, vastly more interesting and entertaining than the original film, though like most sf series, it took some time to finds its legs.

  2. I’ve got to agree with Gary about that.

    BTW, technically it is now four TV series – but even we Stargate fans try to forget about Stargate: Infinity.


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