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New eBooks in the Suvudu Free Book Library for October 2009

The Suvudu Free Book Library has been updated with new downloadable freebies for October…in multiple formats. Like last month, these books are first in a series.

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5 Comments on New eBooks in the Suvudu Free Book Library for October 2009

  1. Is it a new thing that there’s no PDF version?  Looks like you have to have a reader to access these.  Or did I miss something obvious?

  2. If you’re missing something, I am too.  In previous months there was a PDF version.  Now, the only versions that appear to be available are for Kindle and Sony Reader.

  3. Can you even download Kindle or Sony versions for free? A few weeks back, they’d a post that they were taking down the free works (though old links still seem to be active). Lack of pdf is probably intentional – though “Free” in title may be helps get some clicks.

  4. The prices listed for the Kindle and Sony vesion are $0.00, so I assume so.  I have not tried actually downloading them.

  5. Downloadable PDFs of the two October books have now been added to the Suvudu Free Book Library. See .

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